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Windows XP is four months away, but it will make such a big splash that you should be coming up to speed on it now. This seventeen-page analysis of XP covers everything from system requirements and new features to backup/restore capabilities and networkability. The article is easy reading for consumers, but there’s more than enough details to keep IT professionals interested too. […] continued

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More and more online merchants are signing up to accept payments through Microsoft’s Passport system. It’s an important part of Microsoft’s long-term goal to take over the Internet and collect fees for every online transaction. I signed up. If you have a Hotmail account, you’re already plugged into the Passport system. […] continued

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The conventional wisdom has been that the record companies would target services like Napster with threats and lawsuits, but they would never attack individuals – for practical and PR reasons.

Forget it. The copyright police are watching.

The new services popping up to replace Napster – Gnutella and the like – do not use central servers. […] continued

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As more people get CD recorders, it makes sense to use them for backups. There’s a number of ways to do that, but many of you should consider investing in a backup program that works with CDRs. I’m going to get Veritas Backup Exec Desktop Pro. It backs up across a peer-to-peer network onto CDRs and includes disaster recovery features and a lot of flexibility. […] continued

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I’ve had the Pegasus/DirecPC satellite for about ten days. Right after it was installed, the entire two-way DirecPC system went down for about three days, which created a poor first impression. Tech support was easy to reach and helpful, but a bit slow to acknowledge that the whole system was down, which was frustrating. […] continued

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When the AOL TIme Warner merger was being evaluated, one important issue concerned “open access” to the new company’s cable systems. If AOL Time Warner refused to let anyone else use its cable systems to deliver Internet access, then it would be in a position to monopolize local markets and put competitors out of business. […] continued

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According to this article, Netscape will essentially get out of the browser business soon. Its web site will be turned into an Internet media hub to showcase Time Warner artists and publications. Keep your eye on AOL Time Warner’s plans to cross-market all of its different businesses. It promises to be an overwhelming experience, marketing and advertising on a level we’ve never seen before. […] continued

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I had trouble sending some e-mail during the last few days – messages were being returned as undeliverable, but it was hard to understand why. A couple of other people have mentioned the same thing to me. I don’t know for sure, but this article about a squabble between two major Internet service providers may have the answer. […] continued

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The Internet is turning into just another broadcast medium – a limited number of channels controlled by big companies, designed to maximize revenues to copyright holders and megacorporations. And we’re facilitating the takeover.

A thought-provoking and disturbing study shows that the Internet is shrinking, collapsing in on itself. Here’s some statistics:

  • More than half of all time spent online centers around the web sites run by four companies – AOL Time Warner, Yahoo!,
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The dish is on the roof. Consumer-class two-way satellite service from Pegasus Communications.

Equipment was delivered about three days after I placed the order, and the installation took place about eight days later – almost exactly what was promised. The installers arrived on time and did a nice job – about two hours total. […] continued

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There’s been an unpredictable development in the world of handheld devices. Palm is no longer the king of the hill.

In fact, Palm is struggling. Here’s an article with details of the various problems – an inventory glut, dwindling cash reserves, a depressed stock price, and more. It faces a tough competitor in Handspring, which is marketing a very attractive Palm-compatible device. […] continued

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Disposing of old computers is a headache. They’re hard on the environment (monitors are no longer permitted in landfills, I believe), but the schools and traditional charities aren’t interested in computers that are more than a couple of years old. Hewlett Packard deserves kudos for beginning an extensive recycling campaign. For a fee (from $13-$34), HP will pick up your old equipment, refurbish it if possible, and recycle it in an environmentally friendly way if it can’t be refurbished. […] continued

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If you’re bored, here’s a couple of things worth looking for online (especially if you have a broadband connection):

  •, one of the more creative sites playing streaming movies over the Internet. Check out Creature Comforts, an oddball five-minute film from Nick Park and Aardman Animations, creators of Wallace & Gromit.
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From Slate magazine:

The Wall Street Journal “Washington Wire” has Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill’s penetrating defense of the Bush energy plan’s proposed expansion of nuclear power: “If you set aside Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, the safety record of nuclear is really very good.”

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According to this article, Outlook 2002 features indexing and search functions for all content in Exchange 2000 Server – including messages, documents, contacts, tasks, calendar items, and other data.

That’s a limited feature, because most small businesses aren’t using Exchange 2000 Server. But it’s a valuable addition to Outlook if you are using Exchange 2000 – and it’s yet another good reason for a small business to look into Small Business Server 2000, which includes Exchange Server 2000. […] continued

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