There are a lot of 3-5 year old Windows XP computers out there. They are due for a replacement; the time to do that will be after October 22, when Windows 7 will be on the market.

Many of you are finding that your Windows XP computers are insufferably slow. […] continued

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ie8toolbarMany of you have now gotten Internet Explorer 8, the latest version of Microsoft’s web browser. The rest of you can expect to see it soon, as it is pushed out through the Automatic Update system. (You’ve got IE8 if you have some extra buttons next to the “Favorites” button for “Suggested Sites” and “Get More Add-Ons.”) […] continued

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Expect the level of hype for Windows 7 to rise again, now that Microsoft has made the Release Candidate widely available for testing. The download page went live a few hours ago and my download is on its way after a few false starts.


If you’re new to Windows 7, the successor to Vista, here’s what I wrote about the initial beta release a few months ago:

Windows Vista has been on the market for two years.

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Shopping Plans

If you need a new computer, buy a new computer. Maybe your business is expanding (there are signs of life in our economy), maybe your old Windows XP computer has collapsed or is just too slow – whatever the reason, if you need hardware, buy hardware.

But if your next computer purchase is optional, there are some good reasons to wait until the fall or Xmas shopping season. […] continued

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The world is changing in front of our eyes again. Let me give you a preview of some technology that is going to change the computing landscape permanently – and do it before the end of 2009. This is a big deal! Take a minute to read this – it will help you understand what’s happening when things start to move quickly this fall. […] continued

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Microsoft announced the different versions of Windows 7 today. You’re likely to see some reporting and commentary emphasizing the number of different versions and complaining that it’s too complicated. It’s not. The buying process will actually be more straightforward than it has been with Vista. For almost everyone:

  • Home users will buy Windows 7 Home Premium.
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The Windows 7 taskbar has been reworked, perhaps not for the better. It will display icons for frequently used programs, with no particular attention paid to whether those programs are running or not. You’ll see hype about the convenience of the “jump list” that can be accessed for each icon – a menu for access to frequently used functions and information about any open windows for that program. […] continued

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Windows Vista brought deep changes to security and drivers, causing some pain during the transition from Windows XP. Windows 7 doesn’t undo any of those changes; it is focused on tweaking the user interface to make it easier for people to use programs and get work done.

This article has a nice overview of the changes in the user interface introduced by Windows 7. […] continued

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Windows 7 is the successor to Windows Vista. The new version of Windows went into worldwide beta testing this weekend and you will probably be buying it on your new computers by early fall.

Why a new version of Windows? Funny you should ask.

Windows Vista has been on the market for two years. […] continued

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Vista Feature: Explorer Favorites

When you open a file folder on your computer with Vista – Documents, say, or Computer – the left hand column displays a short list of “Favorite Links.” That Favorites list is easy to overlook but it can be made into your best friend.

When I started using Vista, I immediately discovered the “Folders” arrow at the bottom that restored the familiar tree of drives and folders that I knew from Windows XP. […] continued

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Vista Feature: Breadcrumbs

Let’s highlight a few Vista features that improve life in small but meaningful ways.

My personal favorite is a feature for moving through folders known as “breadcrumbs.” Almost immediately, it feels so natural that it’s hard to recall that it’s new.

You’re familiar with moving through your folders by clicking on folder names, then choosing a subfolder, then another. […] continued

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