Windows Tip: Customize The Windows 7 Start Menu


We have a long relationship with the Windows Start menu. It was introduced in ancient times in Windows 95 and expanded to two columns in Windows XP. We are emotionally attached to it at a deep level, as you will discover when you try to adjust to a different concept in Windows 8. […] continued

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Windows Tip: Remove Unwanted Toolbars

Unwanted toolbars - Bing Bar and Bing Rewards

We are under constant assault from advertisers seeking a foothold on our computers. We invite some of them into our lives voluntarily – every time you do a Google search or check your Facebook page, you’re making advertisers very happy (and making Google and Facebook exceedingly rich).

There is, however, a bit of advertising that you can control. […] continued

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Windows Tip: Turn Off Transparency In Windows 7

Windows 7 - Tip: Turn Off Transparency

There are thousands of ways to customize Windows 7. This week I’ll describe a few that might fit a few people and be unimportant for others.

Almost everyone runs Windows 7 with Aero enabled. Aero harnesses the video power in the current generation of motherboards and video cards to produce the thumbnail window previews that appear when you hover over taskbar icons, along with subtle animations and many more effects. […] continued

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Windows 7 Tips For Power Searches

Windows 7 Tips For Power Searches


Windows 7 Search
More About Windows 7 Search

Windows 7 Searches – Small Business
Windows 7 Searches – Libraries
Windows 7 Searches – Search Techniques

SUMMARY: Once you have some experience with Windows 7 searches, Mark Minasi has some tips for power users here.

Old Windows XP computers are falling over left and right, meaning every day people are being exposed to Windows 7 for the first time. […] continued

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Getting Started With Windows 7

A lot of people are buying Windows 7 computers! Here’s a roundup of articles about new features to discover and some of the ways that Windows 7 is different than Windows XP. Click on the pictures or the titles for the original articles with all the details to help you get started! […] continued

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Customize Windows 7 Taskbar – The Bruceb Way


Windows 7 taskbar
Customize Windows 7 taskbar – restore quick launch
Customize Windows 7 taskbar – expand buttons

I use a lot of programs. (If you have a morbid desire to know how many programs you use, install this little gadget from Wakoopa. Remember, this is not a contest – please, no wagering.)

You can pin 20 or so icons on the Windows 7 taskbar, more than enough for most people, but I wanted easy access to more even programs and shortcuts without cluttering up my desktop. […] continued

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