Another One Bites The Dust: Say Goodbye To Picasa

Moving on from Picasa

Google posted an announcement a few days ago that Picasa will be closed down soon. Picasa is two things – a cloud service for storing photos online, and a desktop application for managing photos on your computer. Both of them will be shut down in the next few months. Google is committing all of its resources to Google Photos, the online photo service that duplicates much of what is in Picasa, and more importantly works perfectly on mobile devices, the focus of everyone’s efforts these days. […] continued

Read more Takes Over Hotmail (But Has Some Growing Pains)

Last summer Microsoft introduced, a redesigned webmail service with a modern design and new features that were ahead of Hotmail, Gmail, and the other competitors. Here’s my enthusiastic description of

(To be clear: is a webmail service. You get an email address and check your mail at […] continued

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Use InPrivate To Manage Multiple Online Identities

Internet Explorer - InPrivate

Here’s a tip for anyone who runs into trouble juggling multiple identities in Internet Explorer. Most of you can look away and stop taking notes – this is extra credit material and won’t be on the test. This is primarily of interest to anyone who provides tech support.


Internet Explorer and Windows are designed to remember logon credentials. […] continued

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Just Another Week In Technology

Increasing speed of new technology

The pace is picking up as we head into full-blown techno-craziness this fall.

WINDOWS 8 This morning the shipping version of Windows 8 became available to Microsoft TechNet and MSDN subscribers. The download site generated error messages for an hour or so under the weight of the people trying to log in but they got it under control and I’m downloading Windows 8 in the background as I write this. […] continued

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Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive: Send In The Clones

Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive - send in the clones

Microsoft and Google each introduced services this week that are copies of Dropbox in rather precise detail.

Taken together, these services represent a fundamental change in the way we use technology. Here’s my best effort to sum it up:

Storing files on one device or in one physical location is now just another option – and not a very useful one. […] continued

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OneNote For iPads

OneNote for iPad

A few weeks ago Microsoft released a OneNote app optimized for iPads.

Long-time readers know about my fondness for OneNote, the program you’ve never heard of that’s included with every copy of Microsoft Office 2010, right alongside Word and Excel and Powerpoint. Here’s more information to get you oriented. […] continued

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Syncing Bookmarks And Favorites With Internet Explorer 9


Battle Of The Browser Updates
Comparing The New Internet Browsers, aka Microsoft And The LastPass Problem
Syncing Bookmarks And Favorites With Firefox 4 And Chrome 10




Microsoft is bringing up the rear for a reason.

Since it’s not obvious how to do it, let’s type “IE9 sync favorites” into Google. […] continued

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Little Microsoft Annoyances


My goal for you is simplicity. I want you to use wonderful tools that are easy to use and easy to keep up to date.

Little things make me irritable.

Here’s a story of a little thing. It’s not important. You are not requested to do anything. This has no consequences for you. […] continued

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Microsoft Makes OneNote Available On iPhone For Free


Microsoft announced today that it is making OneNote Mobile for the iPhone available as a free download from the iTunes store. Here’s a Microsoft blog about the new release. This has a bit of a back story that deserves telling.

OneNote basics  Every version of Microsoft Office 2010 includes OneNote – if you have a new computer, you likely have OneNote on the Start menu waiting to be discovered. […] continued

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Outlook People Pane And The Facebook Social Connector


Mark Zuckerberg is Time’s Person Of The Year. Every person on earth has a Facebook page. Most household pets have their own Facebook pages. On average, people in the US spend more time reading Facebook than sleeping. The federal government will spend $740 million next year wiring 1st and 2nd grade classrooms for Facebook. […] continued

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Windows Live Essentials 2011 Pushed As “Important” Update

windowsupdate2Previously: The Good And The Bad In Windows Live Essentials 2011

If you have Windows 7 or Vista, you might have seen the Windows Update icon down by the clock this week, alerting you to available updates. Opening Windows Update reveals an “Important Update” ready to install.

We trust Microsoft and the Automatic Updates system. […] continued

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The Good And The Bad In Windows Live Essentials 2011


The good news is that Microsoft has released Windows Live Essentials 2011, an updated collection of free programs that are well designed and useful additions to Vista and Windows 7.

The bad news is that you almost certainly don’t want all of them, and Microsoft has released them in a way that makes it more likely that you’ll install them all by accident, with some side effects that you won’t like. […] continued

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OneNote 2010 – Syncing And Sharing


OneNote 2010 – Introduction
OneNote 2010 – Outlook Integration

Stick with me. I’m going to describe the feature built into OneNote 2010 that works so well – quietly, seamlessly – that it deserves to be noticed, used, and celebrated.

OneNote 2010 is designed to be used on multiple computers. […] continued

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Windows Live Sync And Missed Opportunities

windowslivesynciconMicrosoft is finalizing a new version of Windows Live Sync, its free software for syncing files among different computers. The new version replaces the two overlapping programs available from Microsoft for the last few years, Windows Live Sync and Live Mesh, combining features from both of them.

This should be good news. […] continued

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Office Web Apps


Microsoft has introduced Office Web Apps, free online versions of Office programs that can be used entirely inside a web browser. Visit to take a look at technology that will change our world.

That sounds breathless and exciting, right? It’s not hyperbole. You are living through a long-term shift away from dependence on individual computers and toward shared resources that live online and can be accessed from any of our devices, big and small. […] continued

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