More and more online merchants are signing up to accept payments through Microsoft’s Passport system. It’s an important part of Microsoft’s long-term goal to take over the Internet and collect fees for every online transaction. I signed up. If you have a Hotmail account, you’re already plugged into the Passport system. […] continued

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If you’re bored, here’s a couple of things worth looking for online (especially if you have a broadband connection):

  •, one of the more creative sites playing streaming movies over the Internet. Check out Creature Comforts, an oddball five-minute film from Nick Park and Aardman Animations, creators of Wallace & Gromit.
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Five major airlines are working to bring online next month as a one-stop source for airline reservations. Every other human being connected with the travel industry is screaming bloody murder. The airlines have already squeezed commissions to travel agents and Orbitz looks like an effort to short-circuit the remaining agencies and the online travel services. […] continued

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Microsoft is hustling to revise its privacy policy for Passport and Hotmail, after a torrent of criticism from privacy advocates. (See my item on March 30.) Microsoft says it’s a terrible misunderstanding, just some old legalese that they forgot to update. Here’s an article about the gosh darned oversight.

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RealNetworks and three of the five biggest music companies announced a new Net music service yesterday. Notably absent was Universal – the biggest catalog, but also the most vociferous opponent of online music – and Sony, busy developing its own service.

RealNetworks intends to operate the infrastructure and make the entire back catalog from the three companies available for download or streaming into your computer. […] continued

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This is an interesting experiment for the bruceb news page! It’s constructed using, one of the most popular resources for creating an online journal. Here’s an article from MSNBC about the growth in public online journals and diaries.
Since I know you rely on my news updates, here’s a link to the old archives. […] continued

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If you’ve been using Findlaw for its wealth of law-related resources (including free California cases and codes), then you may be interested to learn that West Group has agreed to acquire Findlaw. Here’s an article with all the information known to date. Reading between the lines, it looks like Findlaw was running out of cash and West saw an easy and cheap way to upgrade its current web offerings. […] continued

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