History Lesson, Part 2: Windows Home Server


The Future Of Small Office Technology
History Lesson, Part 1: Small Business Server

Some of Microsoft’s best technology has been overlooked for three years, hobbled by a poorly chosen name and a market that wasn’t ready for it. Microsoft is about to take that technology and put it front and center. […] continued

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Windows Live Essentials 2011 Pushed As “Important” Update

windowsupdate2Previously: The Good And The Bad In Windows Live Essentials 2011

If you have Windows 7 or Vista, you might have seen the Windows Update icon down by the clock this week, alerting you to available updates. Opening Windows Update reveals an “Important Update” ready to install.

We trust Microsoft and the Automatic Updates system. […] continued

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The Good And The Bad In Windows Live Essentials 2011


The good news is that Microsoft has released Windows Live Essentials 2011, an updated collection of free programs that are well designed and useful additions to Vista and Windows 7.

The bad news is that you almost certainly don’t want all of them, and Microsoft has released them in a way that makes it more likely that you’ll install them all by accident, with some side effects that you won’t like. […] continued

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Be Ready For Patch Tuesday


Your computer will restart tonight. Close your programs, save your open files, leave the computer running. Your computer will restart in the middle of the night. (If it doesn’t seem to have restarted, look for the update icon by the clock and see if it’s waiting for permission to install the updates or to restart.) […] continued

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Critical Windows Update


Microsoft released a patch yesterday that should be installed promptly on all Windows computers. Most of you will find that it was installed automatically on Monday night. If your computer restarted last night, you’re almost certainly fine – but be alert in case the Windows update icon is trying to get your attention from the lower right corner of your screen! […] continued

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Leave your computer on overnight and prepare for it to restart. It’s Patch Tuesday and Microsoft will install a large crop of updates on all versions of Windows tonight.

Tomorrow we should see the icon in the lower right corner alerting us to an important patch for Adobe Flash. Adobe has another important update for Acrobat and Adobe Reader scheduled for June 29. […] continued

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Getting Started With Windows 7

A lot of people are buying Windows 7 computers! Here’s a roundup of articles about new features to discover and some of the ways that Windows 7 is different than Windows XP. Click on the pictures or the titles for the original articles with all the details to help you get started! […] continued

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Microsoft Fix-It Center

microsoftfixitlogoMicrosoft has started broad beta testing of Microsoft Fix It Center, an automated tool for fixing common problems with Windows.  I don’t know that everyone will want to rush to install it (I’d hate to have my clients forget that I am their automated tool for fixing problems), but you might want to take a look. […] continued

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Windows 7 Searches – Small Business
Windows 7 Searches – Libraries

You’ve got a Windows 7 workstation in a small business or law firm. The network server is running Windows Search 4 and you’ve added the network locations with shared files to your Documents library. All the pieces are in place! […] continued

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Your computers will likely restart tonight after Microsoft delivers the monthly crop of updates for Windows and Office. It’s a particularly busy month – eleven patches, five of them critical, although the importance drops if you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7. Newer versions have better armor against security attacks.

Adobe will deliver updates for Acrobat and Reader tonight as well. […] continued

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Previously: Windows 7 Searches – Small Business

When you click on Documents in the Start menu in Windows 7, your cursor arrives blinking in Libraries. I’ve been annoyed by that for months, but I finally had an “ah-ha!” moment when I discovered what libraries can do for searches. Let me give you some background about libraries, from the perspective of a small business or law firm user. […] continued

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If the right elements are in place, Windows 7 can be used for lightning-fast searches through shared folders in small businesses and law firms. There are a couple of tricks to that process; it will take a couple of days to give you the background and show you some search techniques. […] continued

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Right-Click Your Way To Happiness


I had to grin when I learned that a cool keyboard shortcut was literally right under my nose.

Clicking on the right mouse button brings up context menus everywhere in Windows. The right-click menus have been enhanced in the Windows 7 taskbar to display previously-used documents and shortcuts and more.

Look at your keyboard – the lower right, to the right of the spacebar, in between the right Alt and Ctrl keys. […] continued

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onecareThis is for anyone who might have been procrastinating. Look down in the lower right corner for the icon for your security program.

If you see the Windows Live OneCare icon (pictured above), it’s time to move on!


If you see the Microsoft Security Essentials icon (pictured at right), you’re fine. […] continued

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There’s finally a solution to a bug that Adobe has allowed to stand unpatched for far too long. This only applies to a few of you but you’ll be glad to see it if you’ve been one of the victims.

Background: if you use Outlook 2007 to open an e-mail message with a PDF attachment, you should be able to preview the attachment directly in the Reading pane. […] continued

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