Windows 7 Tips For Power Searches

Windows 7 Tips For Power Searches


Windows 7 Search
More About Windows 7 Search

Windows 7 Searches – Small Business
Windows 7 Searches – Libraries
Windows 7 Searches – Search Techniques

SUMMARY: Once you have some experience with Windows 7 searches, Mark Minasi has some tips for power users here.

Old Windows XP computers are falling over left and right, meaning every day people are being exposed to Windows 7 for the first time. […] continued

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Speech Recognition And Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Home Edition

I’m about two weeks into one of the more amazing experiences I’ve ever had with a computer. I don’t say that lightly; over the years I’ve had a lot of amazing experiences with computers and this really stands out.

On the other hand, there are a thousand reasons why you might not have the same experience. […] continued

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Operating System Market Share Might Be Different Than You Think

OS market share - Apple vs Windows

Apple’s brilliant success since Steve Jobs returned in 1997 has made it the largest company in the world by almost any measure, with a market capitalization that exceeds Microsoft and Intel combined. iPhones define the smartphone market, even if they do not completely dominate it now that Android has taken the lead in market share. […] continued

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Patch Tuesday From Microsoft And Adobe

Microsoft & Adobe Updates - Patch Tuesday

Microsoft will deliver five run-of-the-mill security updates for Windows and Office tonight, in the regular monthly Patch Tuesday release. There’s more information about this month’s updates in Microsoft’s security bulletin here.

Close programs and save any work in progress at the end of the day. Your computer will probably restart tonight. […] continued

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Windows 7 Is Safer Than Windows XP


Say Goodbye To Six Year Old Computers

Windows XP computers are falling over left and right. Many of them are simply insufferably slow for all the reasons I wrote about last fall. Windows XP is a much heavier, slower OS than when it was first released, and six year old computers simply don’t have the processing power to run Windows XP at acceptable speed after years of security updates and patches. […] continued

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Installing Internet Explorer 9


Battle Of The Browser Updates
Comparing The New Internet Browsers
Syncing Bookmarks And Favorites With Firefox 4 And Chrome 10
Syncing Bookmarks And Favorites With Internet Explorer 9

Windows 7 and Vista users are also likely to be seeing prompts to install Internet Explorer 9. Like Windows 7 Service Pack 1, IE9 will not be installed automatically by Windows or by my monitoring service. […] continued

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Rules for Computer Safety 2011


These are the rules for being safe using a Windows computer in 2011. Memorize them, tape them to your refrigerator, pass them on to your friends!

Install updates from Microsoft promptly. Look in the lower right corner for the gold shield (WinXP) or update icon (Win7/Vista).

Install updates to Acrobat, Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, and Quicktime promptly. […] continued

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Your Computer Will Restart Tonight


A large collection of patches and updates will be delivered tonight, Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of the month. Last month was a paltry bunch of updates, not really worth mentioning, but this month brings 17 security bulletins fixing 64 different vulnerabilities, the most ever fixed in one month. […] continued

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Watch For Microsoft Security Essentials Upgrade


If you use Microsoft Security Essentials for antivirus protection, keep an eye on the icon in the lower right. The exclamation point means it’s ready to install the upgrade to version 2, released a few weeks ago as a manual upgrade and now being rolled out to everyone using the program. […] continued

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Bruceb Consulting Monitoring – A Few More Details


Bruceb Consulting Offers New Patch Management Service

Yesterday I announced that my monitoring software will also install patches and updates for my clients. Let me give you a few more details about that service.

This works just as well for home computers and laptops. Monitoring a single home computer is easy and effective and just as important as protecting an office computer. […] continued

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Bruceb Consulting Offers New Patch Management Service


I am excited to announce a new service for all my clients – patching and updating your workstations.

Bruceb Consulting Monitoring will review and install updates to Windows, Office, Firefox, Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, and other important programs and utilities – automatically and silently.

I will review the updates that are necessary for you to be safe online, and I’ll install them on your computers. […] continued

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Failed Backups In Windows 7

backupwindows7-3Windows 7 has a lovely built-in backup routine – significantly improved from Vista’s backup program. You can attach an external USB hard drive and set up scheduled backups to it in a few seconds. (Windows 7 Professional can back up to a shared network folder or NAS, also.) It runs automatically and reliably, even waking the computer up from sleep if the backups are set for the middle of the night. […] continued

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Microsoft Security Essentials Updated To Version 2


Microsoft has released version 2 of Microsoft Security Essentials, with some nice improvements and new features. It is visually almost unchanged; MSE continues to be almost invisible while it operates, providing all the protection that you need with a minimum of fuss. It continues to be my preferred solution for individuals and very small businesses – the only security program that you need to run on your computer if you also use common sense and follow the rules of safe computing. […] continued

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Big Patch Tuesday

computervirusYour computer will restart on Tuesday night, after getting a particularly large collection of updates for Windows and Office. Close any open programs or files but leave your computers turned on when you leave the office on Tuesday.

It’s Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of the month, and it’s one of the largest groups of patches that Microsoft has ever delivered. […] continued

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Disappearing Mapped Drives In Windows 7


Here’s a moderately geeky tip about how to fix a nagging problem when a mapped drive disappears during installation of a program from a shared folder on another computer on the network.

Until a small business starts to use a document management system, it almost always stores business files in shared folders that appear on each person’s computer with a mapped drive letter. […] continued

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