Critical Windows Update


Microsoft released a patch yesterday that should be installed promptly on all Windows computers. Most of you will find that it was installed automatically on Monday night. If your computer restarted last night, you’re almost certainly fine – but be alert in case the Windows update icon is trying to get your attention from the lower right corner of your screen! […] continued

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Office 2010 Upgrade


A quick reminder – if you purchased a new computer with Microsoft Office 2007 in the last few months, you can get a free upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010. It requires a modest effort – you’ll need to have a Windows Live ID, you’ll need the license code for each copy of Office 2007, and you’ll go through a bit of an exercise to download and install the updated version. […] continued

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Kindle DX Update


The Apple iPad has been out for a while and it’s become clear that it may fill a niche for some people as a way to read magazines and newspapers, once publishers finish work on the apps and set reasonable prices.

Serious book readers have discovered, though, that an iPad is a terrible way to read books. […] continued

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Leave your computer on overnight and prepare for it to restart. It’s Patch Tuesday and Microsoft will install a large crop of updates on all versions of Windows tonight.

Tomorrow we should see the icon in the lower right corner alerting us to an important patch for Adobe Flash. Adobe has another important update for Acrobat and Adobe Reader scheduled for June 29. […] continued

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Your computers will likely restart tonight after Microsoft delivers the monthly crop of updates for Windows and Office. It’s a particularly busy month – eleven patches, five of them critical, although the importance drops if you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7. Newer versions have better armor against security attacks.

Adobe will deliver updates for Acrobat and Reader tonight as well. […] continued

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update I’ve prepared a list of computer safety tips for years. Over time, the advice to keep critical programs up to date has moved to the top spot on the list. You don’t have to spend all your time reading technology news but you do have to be able to identify which reminders are legitimate when they pop up from the system tray. […] continued

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Two recent announcements.


The New York Times officially added “Times Skimmer” to its family of web sites, with an attractive interface for browsing through news stories without scrolling. Here’s the announcement, and here’s more information about Times Skimmer. Make sure you’re also familiar with the standalone New York Times Reader, an even better way to read the news on a computer. […] continued

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