Lawyers: there’s a new version of Westlaw Citelink, a free utility that works with Word and WordPerfect to check case citations, construct a Table of Authorities, and the like. If you’ve got Office XP, the new version of Citelink also turns on “smart tags” for your citations, giving you right-click access to the wealth of West resources related to your cases. […] continued

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The current selection of kids’ software is pretty uninspiring. The interest in getting computers and Internet connections into classrooms arose from the belief that there would be rich content that would engage kids and trigger their creativity and desire to learn. For the most part, I don’t see it happening. And since the entire computer game industry is in the doldrums, it shouldn’t be surprising that kids’ games are mostly uninspired retreads as well. […] continued

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I’m a fan of Media Jukebox for playing, recording, and organizing .mp3 files. Each of the main players – Windows Media Player, RealJukebox, and MusicMatch Jukebox – have annoying quirks or shortcomings that drove me to distraction. Media Jukebox does a lot of things with a minimum of fuss and a great deal of control. […] continued

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Easy CD Creator is the software I use for burning CDs. It’s got a reasonably simple interface and it does almost everything most people want to do with their burners. (Out at the fringe, with other software, it’s possible to overburn CDs, copy discs that are copy-protected, and have more fine-grained control over the process, but most people never get to that point.) […] continued

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Two years ago America Online decided to block outside access to its instant messaging system, in a heavyhanded tactic that made their boo-hoo complaints about Microsoft look very hollow.

It may have backfired. A new study shows Microsoft Messenger has taken the lead in worldwide and US usage. And MS Messenger is even more deeply embedded in upcoming Microsoft releases of operating systems and net services. […] continued

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Norton Antivirus offers a feature called “e-mail protection” that I routinely turn off. It’s a service that scans e-mail for viruses as messages come into your system – an appealing idea, but it’s implemented badly. It changes the settings for your POP3 server and frequently prevents e-mail from being retrieved at all. […] continued

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Symantec has created a great resource for PCAnywhere users. There’s an extensive set of tutorials on program features and troubleshooting tips. Each one can be viewed with Shockwave animation, or with normal graphics, or with plain text. Click here for PCAnywhere tutorials.

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