Printers are never as cheap as they seem, but it’s hard to argue with the HP Deskjet F2110, an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier, for $34 at Wal-Mart. Now keep in mind:

  1. It doesn’t appear on HP’s web site so it might be a stripped-down Wal-Mart exclusive.
  2. It doesn’t include a black ink cartridge or a USB cable so the price is a bit misleading.
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Sears has been caught installing spyware that silently tracks all Internet usage – including banking logins, e-mail, and all web sites visited – in the name of a nonexistent online “community,” with virtually no disclosure of the invasive nature of the software. In fact, most people would not be aware that any software had been installed. […] continued

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Monday, December 10 is expected to be the busiest online shopping day of the year.

Can I ask you for a favor?

There are a few links on the bruceb favorites page and the bruceb shopping page that lead to places you might do some shopping – any link to Amazon or Dell, plus Apple, HP, […] continued

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Thinking about a new computer – home, home office, small business? Let me give you some generalizations that will help you get started. (As always, gamers will be looking for faster processors and hard drives, more memory, and – particularly important – choosing from an array of high-end video cards. Notebook computers also require consideration of size and weight, which will trump some of the considerations below.) […] continued

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The retail industry built the day after Thanksgiving into a cultural icon as “Black Friday” – the must-shop day when consumers are meant to feel a nearly physical need to get to the stores. The media’s obsessive coverage of Black Friday is bolstered by incessant advertising, heavy newspaper inserts, and small quantity special deals to build a feeling of urgency. […] continued

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