Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Part 2: Remote Access

SBS 2011 Essentials remote web access login screen

Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Part 1: Overview

Microsoft has done more than anyone else to promote remote access to small business networks. Almost ten years ago, Small Business Server 2003 opened up Outlook Web Access and safe remote desktop access to small businesses for the first time. SBS 2008 and the various iterations of Windows Home Server refined that first portal to make it easier and cleaner and more likely to work properly. […] continued

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Looking Forward: Hosted Windows 7 Computing


Feeling confident about your ability to keep up with the pace of change? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Small businesses will soon have the option to have all of their computing power hosted offsite. No servers in the closet; no workstations under the desks. Onsite you’ll have a monitor, a keyboard and mouse, and a fast Internet connection. […] continued

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Bruceb Consulting Offers New Patch Management Service


I am excited to announce a new service for all my clients – patching and updating your workstations.

Bruceb Consulting Monitoring will review and install updates to Windows, Office, Firefox, Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, and other important programs and utilities – automatically and silently.

I will review the updates that are necessary for you to be safe online, and I’ll install them on your computers. […] continued

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Looking Forward: Small Business Server 2011 Essentials


The Future Of Small Office Technology
History Lesson, Part 1: Small Business Server
History Lesson, Part 2: Windows Home Server
Looking Forward: Small Business Server 2011 Standard

I have a long article for you about an exciting new platform for small businesses scheduled for release in six months. Take your time and read this over the holiday weekend, but don’t get lazy and decide you can skip this one – there will be a test when class meets again. […] continued

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Free Security For Android Phones With Verizon Mobile Recovery


Verizon has introduced a new service that anyone with an Android phone should set up right away. It significantly enhances the security of the phone and adds some important features to make the phone easier to use. Oh, and it’s likely to be free for most of you.

Doesn’t sound like the Verizon that we know and tolerate, does it? […] continued

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Free Screen Sharing With Join.Me


In June I wrote an article about LogMeIn Express, a free and extremely easy to use service being tested by LogMeIn for quickly sharing a screen with one person or a small group of people.

When I went back to look at it recently, I discovered that the service has been renamed “Join Me” and moved to, which is odd but certainly easy to tell people on the phone. […] continued

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I’m going to tell you about a new free service from LogMeIn that will make some of you so happy that you will clap your hands in childish glee.

You already know LogMeIn as the company behind LogMeIn Free and LogMeIn Pro, the best software available for remote connections to an office or home computer – fast, secure, with a sleek, intuitive interface and features that outdo the competition. […] continued

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LogMeIn File Manager And Mapped Network Drives


LogMeIn Pro: Remote Access
LogMeIn Pro: Sending Large Files
LogMeIn Pro: Desktop Shortcut

Here’s a tip for LogMeIn users to fix a glitch that turns up in the File Manager used to transfer files between two computers.

LogMeIn is best known for its products aimed at consumers that provide remote access to computers over the Internet. […] continued

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Long time readers know that periodically I mention J River Media Center, the program I’ve used for many years to organize my embarrassingly large music library. If you’re not familiar with the program, then please go read my write-up a few months ago, where I tried to make it clear who it might appeal to – and more importantly, who should not consider it. […] continued

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Happy Holidays From Bruceb Consulting


Happy holidays from all of us at Bruceb Consulting! All my best wishes for an abundance of happiness and good cheer!

I’m looking forward to working with you in 2010 in a rapidly changing world of technology. These are the trends that will shape next year for small businesses:

  • WINDOWS 7  Many of you will be getting new computers to replace the aging, slow Windows XP systems under your desk, and finding that Windows 7 is quite delightful for work and play.
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LogMeIn Pro: Desktop Shortcut

Here’s one more tip about LogMeIn Pro that you might not discover right away. Imagine that your subscription is set up and the software is running on your office computer. You’re going to sit down routinely at your home computer to connect to the office.

You can always go to the LogMeIn web site and log in with your email address and password, then connect to the office computer from the control panel. […] continued

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LogMeIn Pro: Sending Large Files

When I talk about the “learning curve” associated with new software, I have two things in mind. One is the obvious part – learning the basic functions of how something works. That’s where many people stop. Let me encourage you to look around a little bit just in case you can discover one or two more things that you didn’t know about. […] continued

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LogMeIn Pro: Remote Access

LogMeIn Pro Many people are looking for an easy way to use their home or office computer remotely. I’m starting to push LogMeIn Pro as the best way for many people to set up their remote access.

Remote access to a computer at another location has obvious appeal for people leaving an office who would benefit from being able to get on the office computer after hours. […] continued

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Two issues have come up several times for my SBS 2008 clients connecting to Outlook Web Access or their office computers.


outlookwebaccessIf you go to your remote access web site (e.g.,, or and click on “Check email”, Outlook Web Access will appear and be fully usable, but it will time out and return you to the login screen after it’s inactive for a short time – ten minutes in my experience. […] continued

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Windows Live Sync replaced Foldershare last month. It’s a good program but the upgrade experience for Foldershare users is pretty miserable.

Windows Live Sync and Foldershare are services that allow folders to be synced so that multiple computers have exactly the same files in them at all times. You can set it up to view your photos on both computers in the house, or have a folder of work files at the office synced with a laptop, or share a folder with a friend so it is identical on both of your computers. […] continued

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