On the assumption that my choices are endlessly fascinating to an ever-growing number of people – really, really bored people – I’ve added a page with details about the hardware and software that I use here at the high-tech headquarters of bruceb consulting. I’ll try to keep it up to date. […] continued

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iPHONE 2.0

The new iPhone will be available next week, including support for Microsoft Exchange and Windows Mobile/ActiveSync. That means businesspeople in companies run by Small Business Server 2003 should be able to connect to their Outlook email, calendar and contacts over the air, continuously updating both directions. Well, we’ll see – time will tell whether there are glitches or unexpected shortcomings. […] continued

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The upgraded iPhone has a tremendous list of features! I’m looking forward to the integration with Exchange Server, which ought to let my clients with Small Business Server have a live, over-the-air connection to their contacts, calendar, and inbox. I’ll write more about the new iPhone after I have some experience with it. […] continued

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Blackberry smartphones are mindbogglingly popular. I’m being asked about them more often than iPhones. That shouldn’t be a surprise – almost half the smartphones sold in the first quarter of 2008 were Blackberry devices, a significant increase over the previous quarter, while the market share of iPhones took a nose dive in the same period, according to the Associated Press. […] continued

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GrandCentral is a phenomenally useful service for some people. The service assigns you a free phone number; you can route calls so when that number is dialed, the phone rings at any number of places you choose. When you call my GrandCentral number – the only number I give out now – both my office phone and my cell phone ring, so you can reach me wherever I am, crucial in an area like Sonoma County where cell phone coverage is spotty. […] continued

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The world of cell phones has some things in common with the computing world, including the sense of dread and helplessness that weakens the knees when we walk into the stores. Here’s a few things that came up during too many hours at the Verizon Wireless store this weekend.

  • There simply is no answer to the question, “How much is it?”
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Within a month or two we’ll have a second-generation iPhone, with higher data speeds through AT&T’s 3G network and built-in support for connections to Microsoft Exchange Server. As always, Apple is being reticent with the details and the launch date but it’s likely to be soon.

Paul Thurrott today spoke an important truth that must not be overlooked. […] continued

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The advertising industry is starting to turn its attention to advertising on cell phones.

Here’s an article that forecasts a “perfect storm” of annoying advertising. “It audibly interrupts your life like telemarketing. It�s cheap to mass-produce like e-mail spam. And it holds you hostage like TV ads.”

“eMarketer projects that the $421 million spent on cell phone ads in the United States in 2006 will grow to $4.7 billion by 2011 and exceed $6.5 billion in 2012.

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Apple announced today that it has licensed ActiveSync technology from Microsoft, allowing the iPhone to sync mail, contacts, and calendars with Exchange Server.  Apple also released a development kit which will result in an explosion of third party applications for the iPhone.

The iPhone is poised to be a compelling choice for businesses, including my clients running Small Business Server. […] continued

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Skype is wonderful free software for making online phone calls. With a headset and a fast Internet connection, you can be talking to another Skype user anywhere in the world for free. Here are some notes about how it works and what’s involved to make calls to conventional phones.

By default, Skype loads an add-on for Internet Explorer that ought to be simple and useful. […] continued

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blackberry Blackberry is making some very appealing phone/mail devices.

They don’t work the way you think they do. Some of you won’t have any fun with them at all.

Businesspeople have made Blackberries into corporate icons, as omnipresent as iPods on 24-year-olds. Serious users aren’t bothered by jokes about “crackberry addicts” – they just keep on moving their thumbs with their heads down through meetings and in airports and on dates and riding ski lifts and during dental surgery. […] continued

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The Wall Street Journal’s site All Things Digital has a useful article that translates some geek jargon into English. It’s a nicely written collection of common-sense explanations of terms used to describe digital cameras, mobile devices, televisions, and more. Sample:

“DIGITAL CAMERAS – Megapixels: This term describes the highest resolution photo a camera can take.

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The iPhone is a sleek, sexy device that permanently changes our expectations for handheld devices. After holding an iPhone, it’s hard to pick up another cell phone and PDA without feeling a bit of a letdown.

The iPhone has a few shortcomings that are not immediately apparent when you look at one for the first time. […] continued

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In 2007, we started to work with Windows Vista, bought lots of handheld devices, and started to move things online – our mail, our photos, our movies.

What will 2008 bring? It will start with lots more of the same. Many of you will get your first Windows Vista computer and discover that it’s quite a nice operating system. […] continued

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Microsoft has a name problem.

I used to think that Microsoft had learned a lesson from the years of confusion and frustration caused by the similar names for “Outlook” and “Outlook Express,” two programs that were not even remotely related.

The same people must have been on the committee that decided “Windows Mail” (the free program included with Vista) would be on the market at the same time as “Windows Live Mail,” the similar but not identical free program for Vista and Windows XP. […] continued

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