Two articles about AT&T that tell you everything you need to know about cell phone carriers and  their concern for those of us outside the big cities.

Coverage just keeps getting better in heavily populated urban areas! AT&T completed a major upgrade of the network in New York City and is working on a similar upgrade in San Francisco, according to this article. […] continued

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Gadgets and services are flooding onto the market so quickly! It’s easy to find a “review” of a new product that recites its features from a press release. It’s much harder to get feedback from people who have actually used something and learned what works and what doesn’t work in the real world. […] continued

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iphone_att I ran across an interesting article about the effect Apple is having on the wireless business. The conventional wisdom has been that AT&T and Verizon are abusing their market power when they enter into exclusive arrangements with handset manufacturers. A letter from four senators got the FCC looking into the exclusive handset deals, and the Department of Justice has started an “initial review” that potentially could lead to antitrust action.  […] continued

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Shopping Plans

If you need a new computer, buy a new computer. Maybe your business is expanding (there are signs of life in our economy), maybe your old Windows XP computer has collapsed or is just too slow – whatever the reason, if you need hardware, buy hardware.

But if your next computer purchase is optional, there are some good reasons to wait until the fall or Xmas shopping season. […] continued

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Netbooks will be widespread by the end of the year, shaking up the PC market and changing our world in ways that will be more dramatic than you expect. You might not have foreseen one of the ways they’ll be distributed – sold and subsidized by the cell phone carriers.

verizonmodem Many notebook computer users are familiar with the concept of a separate “mobile broadband” device built into the notebook, or plugged into a USB port, that gives the computer an Internet connection anywhere within a cell phone carrier’s network. […] continued

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After years of uncertainty, Google announced Google Voice yesterday, the expanded version of its phone service GrandCentral. As a GrandCentral subscriber, I’ll be upgraded to the new service soon; it will be open to everyone in a few weeks. I am delighted and a bit surprised – there had been no indication that anything was being done with GrandCentral, which gave all the appearance of being deceased. […] continued

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Google is going to take over the world and make all our computers unnecessary and put Microsoft out of business. Or it’s going to continue to drop just about everything it touches except the search business. It’s an interesting world!

On the “take over the world” side are the rumors of GDrive, free or cheap online file storage similar to Microsoft’s Live SkyDrive. […] continued

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Windows Mobile phones are seldom considered by people shopping for cell phones. All the attention goes to Blackberrys and iPhones and the latest sexy proprietary devices with flashy screens for the kids. According to one research firm, in the third quarter Apple shipped more iPhones than all 56 device makers that make Windows Mobile phones combined. […] continued

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Let me give you a quick overview of the kind of issue that makes it fun to be a consultant.

When you go to a web site where any personal information is going to be exchanged, you’re likely to see the web site address change from http:// to https://. […] continued

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Access everywhere! Lots of interesting services are being set up to make it easy for you to have access to files, folders, photos, and computers from anywhere, whether it’s working on an office computer from home or bringing up pictures from your home computer on a mobile phone.

Dell Remote Access

The latest entry comes from Dell, strangely enough. […] continued

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Apple’s software for Windows has been causing problems on more and more of my clients’ computers. I’ve been wrestling with bluescreens caused by iTunes, file extensions hijacked by Quicktime, and now I’m suspicious that an uninvited service has been causing problems in Outlook.

An iTunes installation includes far more than a music library that syncs to your iPod. […] continued

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T-Mobile introduced the first cell phone based on Google’s Android operating system to much fanfare a few days ago. Although Android has some interesting features and much promise, I don’t expect to see anyone holding the T-Mobile G1 in Sonoma County for a while, since T-Mobile is a fringe player with limited coverage up here (and certainly no connection anywhere nearby to its high speed 3G data network). […] continued

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Apple reacted quickly to the reports that the latest iTunes update has caused some Windows systems to crash badly. Last night Apple posted another version of iTunes that rolls back the offending hardware driver to an older version. If your system is blue screening, all you have to do is uninstall iTunes, uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support, and then reinstall iTunes from last night’s release. […] continued

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GrandCentral is a wonderful free service for handling phone calls. When you sign up, you pick a new phone number and do a few minutes of easy setup. Then when someone calls that number, all of your phones ring simultaneously and you can answer any of them.

I’ve relied on GrandCentral for more than a year. […] continued

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ActiveSync is the technology from Microsoft that connects a mobile device to Exchange Server. For businesses running Small Business Server, it is ActiveSync that makes a Windows Mobile-based device so compelling – over the air syncing of Outlook mail, calendar & contacts.

Apple licensed ActiveSync for the new generation of iPhone, making it more appealing for businesses. […] continued

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