It can be devastating to lose all the information stored in Outlook. You can back up all that data in just a few steps. Here’s some simple instructions.

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I keep searching for the perfect way to index Outlook and my documents so information can be found easily. I’ve been using 80-20 Retriever, which integrates with Outlook, updates its index every night, and comes up with pretty good results. A bit quirky, but not bad.

Enfish Find is a brand new indexing program that will be available to download free for one day only – tomorrow, Wednesday September 5. […] continued

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According to this article, Outlook 2002 features indexing and search functions for all content in Exchange 2000 Server – including messages, documents, contacts, tasks, calendar items, and other data.

That’s a limited feature, because most small businesses aren’t using Exchange 2000 Server. But it’s a valuable addition to Outlook if you are using Exchange 2000 – and it’s yet another good reason for a small business to look into Small Business Server 2000, which includes Exchange Server 2000. […] continued

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There’s another virus travelling around quickly this morning. It’s similar to the Anna Kournikova “Love Bug” virus – annoying but it doesn’t damage your computer. The “Homepage” virus will arrive in a message from someone you know, with the subject line “Homepage.” The attachment is a .vbs visual basic script that opens a porno web site on your computer and sends the message on to everyone in your Outlook address book. […] continued

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