Here’s a short article from the ABA’s Law Practice magazine noting the many ways that Microsoft OneNote 2007 can be used by lawyers for everything from trial notebooks to business transaction notes. There are law-specific templates available for OneNote (as well as templates for the other Microsoft Office programs) on Microsoft’s Office Templates page. […] continued

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I’ve written before about Microsoft OneNote 2007 but it bears repeating: this is the best program you’ve never heard of.

onenote OneNote collects your notes and lets you find them later. It keeps anything you want to put into it – scraps of information, web links, photos, videos, files, whatever. You can keep things organized or create a freeform jumble and search for things later (everything is immediately searchable). […] continued

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Microsoft OneNote 2007 is the best program you’ve never heard of.

Let me give you a little history, then tell you about OneNote 2007.

Microsoft Outlook has a rudimentary “notes” feature for jotting little bits of information on scraps that visually resemble post-it notes. Outlook’s notes are capable of being sorted and searched but there’s something about them that just doesn’t feel right. […] continued

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