History Lesson, Part 1: Small Business Server

Microsoft SBS 2003 logo

Previously: The Future Of Small Office Technology

It’s hard to remember how much of an impact Small Business Server had on small offices when Microsoft released the first version in 2000. Until then, nothing had been available that would let a small business run a reasonable mail system or handle security for logons and file sharing. […] continued

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IPv6 And Really Large Numbers


Previously: First Rumbling Of The Coming IPv6 Transition

In the early 90s, a bunch of smart people in a position of authority got together and put together a replacement for IPv4 named IPv6, after many committee meetings and a few false starts. Since the immediate issue was the shortage of numbers looming on the 20-year horizon, let’s look first at what they came up with to make sure we wouldn’t run out again. […] continued

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First Rumbling Of The Coming IPv6 Transition


You’re looking at a graph that will get an inordinate amount of attention in the global technical community and cause tremendous disruption for the next few years. Let me give you a very broad overview of an issue that you hope will be solved long before you ever have to know much about it. […] continued

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DNS Servers And Problems With OpenDNS


I stand by my reconsideration of Firefox, but I think my criticism of Internet Explorer was unjust. Some of my browsing problems were likely not caused by IE at all. They appear to have been caused by OpenDNS, some settings deep in my office network that affected my Internet browsing. […] continued

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Bruceb Consulting – Now With New Improved Monitoring

Definitely not a picture of the bruceb consulting office. Click on the picture to see something closer to reality.

I am pleased to announced a new service for my loyal clients: real-time server and networking monitoring.

This is the culmination of months of evaluation and testing. It represents a higher level of service that I’ll be delivering to my clients, at the same time that I’m helping reduce technology costs by handling problems before they turn into crises. […] continued

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LogMeIn File Manager And Mapped Network Drives


LogMeIn Pro: Remote Access
LogMeIn Pro: Sending Large Files
LogMeIn Pro: Desktop Shortcut

Here’s a tip for LogMeIn users to fix a glitch that turns up in the File Manager used to transfer files between two computers.

LogMeIn is best known for its products aimed at consumers that provide remote access to computers over the Internet. […] continued

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Windows 7 Searches – Small Business
Windows 7 Searches – Libraries

You’ve got a Windows 7 workstation in a small business or law firm. The network server is running Windows Search 4 and you’ve added the network locations with shared files to your Documents library. All the pieces are in place! […] continued

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Previously: Windows 7 Searches – Small Business

When you click on Documents in the Start menu in Windows 7, your cursor arrives blinking in Libraries. I’ve been annoyed by that for months, but I finally had an “ah-ha!” moment when I discovered what libraries can do for searches. Let me give you some background about libraries, from the perspective of a small business or law firm user. […] continued

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If the right elements are in place, Windows 7 can be used for lightning-fast searches through shared folders in small businesses and law firms. There are a couple of tricks to that process; it will take a couple of days to give you the background and show you some search techniques. […] continued

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Confidential Folders In Small Business Networks


Here’s a procedure for people working in a very small business that don’t want to call me for every routine task.

Very small businesses frequently have a single folder for all company or firm files. It’s almost always mapped to a drive letter, so everyone stores all work files in the “N:” drive or the “P:” drive. […] continued

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Ace consultant Brian Dent of CompuDent Systems points out an interesting corollary to the speed increases from Comcast:

Just one caveat I’ve run into.  A lot of the existing routers can’t handle a 50Mbps incoming signal.  I have a 50Mbps account with a SonicWALL TZ 180e 25U.  The ports are 100Mbps but the throughput is limited to 20Mbps. 

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Backups – Introduction
Backups – Data Backups vs. Drive Images
Backups – External Hard Drives
Backups – Software for Data Backups
Backups – Online Backups
Backups – Image-Based Backups
Backups – Seagate Replica
Backups – Windows Home Server
Backups – Small Business Server
Backups – Recommendations

We’ve talked extensively about different ways to back up individual computers, but even the smallest businesses (and many homes) are likely to have multiple computers that should be backed up. […] continued

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I have shared a bit of wisdom with many of you when we’ve talked about setting up 802.11 wireless networks:

People who depend on wireless networks call me about connection problems.

People with wires don’t.

Wireless technology is just swell. Millions of people use it every day.

But if you’re making a decision about how to set up your home or office network, think long and hard about hiring someone to run network cables between the locations where desktop computers are located. […] continued

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Outlook Web Access can be used to view or open any file in a shared folder on the servers in an office run by Small Business Server 2008.

Small Business Server 2008 improves many things about remote access to an office network. The main screen for Remote Web Workplace makes it easy to use Outlook Web Access or connect to an office computer, with nothing extraneous to confuse anyone. […] continued

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One glitch in the SBS 2008 migration nagged at me – it didn’t make sense that the computers with the individual version of Windows Live OneCare were not reporting in to the SBS 2008 console, which tracks the security status of all the workstations on the network.

This is a sample of the new console for managing workstations in SBS 2008. […] continued

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