The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Two quick examples of why we’re waiting for the next generation of ultra-thin notebooks. The first models will be available very quickly after the launch of Windows 7 on October 22.

Dell Adamo, previewed today. About 3/8 inch thick.


Sony Vaio X, introduced at a trade show last week. […] continued

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Wait To Buy Notebooks And Netbooks

Here’s an article that sums up the reasons to wait two months before you buy a notebook or netbook. It covers all the things I’ve been telling you recently:

WIndows 7 looks great. Plus, new laptops will have power-saving and performance features optimized for Windows 7.

Notebooks and netbooks will have new processors that are more powerful and better at extending battery life.

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When Windows 7 arrives in a few months, it will be accompanied by new hardware that is just now coming into focus. You might find yourself buying more computers than you expect in the next 6-12 months.

Desktop computers will be the least changed. Intel has already released a powerful new generation of processors, the Core i7 series, which will increasingly make its way into mainstream business and home computers. […] continued

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googlechrome Google announced tonight that it plans to turn its web browser, Google Chrome, into a full-fledged operating system. Its first target is netbooks, which will primarily be used for web browsing and email and which can benefit from a lean OS that starts quickly and has little superfluous content.

The press will be all over this. […] continued

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A few days ago I said that there hadn’t been any profound changes in computer hardware for a while. That’s true, but there’s a change on the horizon that might affect things deeply, beginning late in 2009.

IntelSSD Solid state hard drives are on the verge of becoming viable replacements for conventional hard drives, especially on notebooks and netbooks. […] continued

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Shopping Plans

If you need a new computer, buy a new computer. Maybe your business is expanding (there are signs of life in our economy), maybe your old Windows XP computer has collapsed or is just too slow – whatever the reason, if you need hardware, buy hardware.

But if your next computer purchase is optional, there are some good reasons to wait until the fall or Xmas shopping season. […] continued

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Netbooks will be widespread by the end of the year, shaking up the PC market and changing our world in ways that will be more dramatic than you expect. You might not have foreseen one of the ways they’ll be distributed – sold and subsidized by the cell phone carriers.

verizonmodem Many notebook computer users are familiar with the concept of a separate “mobile broadband” device built into the notebook, or plugged into a USB port, that gives the computer an Internet connection anywhere within a cell phone carrier’s network. […] continued

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The world is changing in front of our eyes again. Let me give you a preview of some technology that is going to change the computing landscape permanently – and do it before the end of 2009. This is a big deal! Take a minute to read this – it will help you understand what’s happening when things start to move quickly this fall. […] continued

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