Apple announced today that it has licensed ActiveSync technology from Microsoft, allowing the iPhone to sync mail, contacts, and calendars with Exchange Server.  Apple also released a development kit which will result in an explosion of third party applications for the iPhone.

The iPhone is poised to be a compelling choice for businesses, including my clients running Small Business Server. […] continued

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blackberry Blackberry is making some very appealing phone/mail devices.

They don’t work the way you think they do. Some of you won’t have any fun with them at all.

Businesspeople have made Blackberries into corporate icons, as omnipresent as iPods on 24-year-olds. Serious users aren’t bothered by jokes about “crackberry addicts” – they just keep on moving their thumbs with their heads down through meetings and in airports and on dates and riding ski lifts and during dental surgery. […] continued

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You can send e-mail messages and have them show up as a text message on an SMS-enabled phone, if you know the cell phone carrier used by the recipient. Here’s a list that may come in handy, courtesy of a post on the QuarterToThree forums:

Format: 10-digit cell phone number @ tmomail.net

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Google Mail sorts e-mail messages into “conversations” – basically, all the messages with the same subject line are stacked on top of each other. If a new message comes in, the entire stack moves to the top. You can immediately see the context for a message. Labeling and archiving happens to entire conversations. […] continued

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Exchanging documents by e-mail is commonplace in business because it seems so easy, but there are two recurring problems:

  • There is no easy way to track documents traveling by e-mail. The controls in Microsoft Word for tracking changes are complex (most people ignore them), and there’s no easy way to tell who has control of the most recent version of a document.
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There are new reasons to use Microsoft’s Windows Live Hotmail for your e-mail.

Hotmail got a facelift a few months ago that made it speedy and attractive, but the interface will get some additional tweaks and performance will be improved in August. Small but welcome changes: you’ll be able to set up an out-of-office or vacation message; you can forward incoming mail to other e-mail addresses; and you can go straight to your Inbox without a stop at the “Today” page. […] continued

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Slowly but surely the world is migrating away from software running on your computer to services hosted online. The only divisions at Microsoft that are profitable rely on sales of software – Windows, Office, and Windows Server – but even Microsoft has begun to acknowledge that the future belongs to web-based services. […] continued

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The latest barrage of virus-laden spam e-mails announce that you’ve received “a postcard from a family member.” Here’s a security vendor confirming what you already knew – if you click on the links in the messages, you’ll be taken to web sites that will attack your computer with dozens of exploits, searching out computers that haven’t gotten all of their security updates. […] continued

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Here’s an interesting possibility – an unconfirmed report that the iPhone will be able to sync with Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server, using the same ActiveSync technology found in Windows Mobile-based phones. That would open a lot of doors for the iPhone in the business community. Watch for an official announcement before you go stand in line. […] continued

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If you’ve been following along, you know that you can get a free Hotmail address and use the very attractive new Windows Live Hotmail online service to read your mail.

Microsoft has now released the free “Outlook Connector” that allows you to use Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007 on your home or office computer, and always be in sync with the online webmail. […] continued

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Windows Live Mail has been released in nearly final form for Windows XP and Vista. It’s an important step forward but only if you’re able to keep Microsoft’s e-mail programs straight.

These programs run on your computer:

  • Microsoft Outlook – full-featured mail/calendar/address book program sold as part of Microsoft Office
  • Outlook Express – streamlined mail program included with Windows XP
  • Windows Mail – updated version of Outlook Express included with Windows Vista
  • Windows Live Mail – the brand new mail software for Windows XP & Vista; when installed, it replaces Outlook Express and Windows Mail

These e-mail services run online in Internet Explorer:

  • Hotmail – Microsoft’s longtime free webmail client
  • Windows Live Hotmail – the new name for Hotmail, now with an optional new interface that closely resembles the various desktop programs

Windows Live Mail was released a few days ago. […] continued

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Windows Live Hotmail got its official launch yesterday, and the announcement included a compelling detail: Microsoft will make a free connector available to sync Windows Live Hotmail with Outlook. This may affect you more than you expect.

A month ago I wrote up some notes about the improvements in the new generation of web mail clients – Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. […] continued

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The Wall Street Journal has a front-page story today following the path of an e-mail message by a 22-year old Kaiser employee criticizing the technology being rolled out by Kaiser for patient records. The article isn’t so much about the pros or cons of Kaiser’s Health Connect system. Instead, it’s a sobering reminder to reflect before pushing the Send button, because information can spread further than you might guess. […] continued

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Here’s two good tips to configure the junk mail filtering in Outlook 2003 and 2007. There’s an easily overlooked checkbox that will automatically add everyone you e-mail to your “Safe Senders” list. There’s also a list of countries whose mail can be turned off – most of us can turn off mail from all countries except the US. […] continued

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There’s a massive spam blast in progress. ComputerWorld reports that the spam outbreak is setting records, 50 to 60 times the normal volume of spam, with subjects like Worm Alert!, Worm Detected, Spyware Detected!, and Virus Activity Detected!, and carrying ZIP file attachments containing the “Storm Trojan” virus.

“Postini has already counted nearly 5 million copies of the spam in the last 24 hours, and calculated that the run currently accounts for 87% of all malware being spread through e-mail.

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