Clash Of The Titans: The War Of The Ecosystems


Previously: Clash Of The Titans – The Battle Over Skydrive On iOS

War has broken out.

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have been building walled gardens, ecosystems of services that work best if you have multiple devices on the same platform. Example: once you buy an iPad, it is far more likely that your next phone will be an iPhone, because you’ve become familiar with how iOS works, and because the Apple ecosystem will make the two devices work together. […] continued

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Gmail Goes Down! And Other Tales Of Outages


Gmail was down today for most users for at least an hour, with Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Play and some other Google services remaining down for another hour or more. A side effect: attempts to access Google services during the outage was causing Google Chrome to crash.

Facebook was down today for about 15 minutes, following another brief outage on November 30. […] continued

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Windows 8 Tip: Make Outlook The Default Program For Mail

Windows 8 - make Outlook the default program for mail

This tip is for Outlook users who want to use Outlook exclusively and bypass the Windows 8 Mail app on a desktop computer or notebook.


Open Default Programs and select Microsoft Outlook.

Click on: “Set this program as default – Use the selected program to open all file types and protocols it can open by default.” […] continued

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Outlook Archives: Litigation Hold And Third-Party Archiving

Archived mail and Office 365 litigation hold

Outlook Archives: AutoArchiving And Archive.PST Files
Outlook Archives: Office 365 Personal Archives (And The Devil In The Details)

There are two other things to mention briefly about different ways to archive your Outlook mailbox.

Litigation Hold

I have been asked whether it’s possible to prevent employees from deleting or changing anything in their mail folders. […] continued

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Outlook Archives: Office 365 Personal Archives (And The Devil In The Details)

Office 365 personal archives - the devil is in the details

Previously: Outlook Archives: AutoArchiving And Archive.PST Files

In this article: information about Office 365 personal archives; the detail that might keep you from setting up that archive; quick thoughts about buying licenses for Office as a subscription; and notes for Office 365 administrators about setting up personal archives.

Get some coffee and dive in! […] continued

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Outlook Archives: AutoArchiving And Archive.PST Files

Outlook Archives: AutoArchive And Archive.PST Files

If you’re in a small business using Outlook, your mailbox has probably been growing exponentially for years. Your gut instinct is to keep everything forever but Outlook is slowing down and your IT support people seem upset because maintaining Outlook becomes more difficult as your mailbox grows, for all kinds of reasons. […] continued

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Microsoft Reinvents Hotmail As

Microsoft Reinvents Hotmail As

When Microsoft realized that it was on the verge of missing the implications of the Internet, it famously turned the company around in the mid-90s, building web access into all of its products and working out the implications of online access more thoroughly than anyone else.

The turnaround that Microsoft is engaged in this year might be even more impressive. […] continued

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Office 365 And Spam

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online - spam


Office 365 delivers all incoming messages to your mailbox. It does not hold messages in a spam quarantine.

[05/09/12 Update below]


Microsoft does thorough spam filtering on incoming mail for Office 365 subscribers – and then uses technology built into Exchange to make the experience with spam completely painless. […] continued

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The Auto-Complete Address List And Suggested Contacts In Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 auto-complete address list

When you start to type an address in a new Outlook email message, a menu drops down listing addresses that you’ve sent a message to in the past – the “auto-complete” list. You can send most messages by typing a few letters of someone’s name and hitting the Enter key when the right choice appears. […] continued

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Outlook Web App For Office 365

Office 365 - Outlook Web App

Small businesses and law firms are finding that Microsoft’s Exchange mailboxes hosted by Office 365 are secure and stable. One of the best features is the improved experience with Outlook Web App, webmail that has been designed to have as much of the look and functionality of Outlook as possible. […] continued

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Be Careful With Confidential Data On Mobile Devices


As much as we all hate remembering passwords and thinking about security, it’s hard to ignore the constant headlines on the front page about hacking and security and privacy.

You’re getting better. You’re well trained to practice safe computing on your home and office computers. With the help of LastPass, many people have begun to use complex passwords for web services. […] continued

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Persistent Outlook Password Prompts For Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has been tremendously successful so far, certainly from a sales perspective (millions of subscriptions, although the exact number is kept under wraps), but more importantly it’s also been successful from a technical perspective. There has been no downtime for the last few months. My clients are ecstatic that I can set passwords not to expire. […] continued

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Office 365 Integrated With Small Business Server 2011 Essentials

Small Business Server SBS 2011 Essentials - Office 365 Integration Module

A few days before Christmas, Microsoft delivered the “Office 365 Integration Module for Small Business Server 2011 Essentials,” a long awaited add-in that integrates Microsoft’s new server software for very small offices with its hosted Office 365 service.

In some respects this is what SBS 2011 Essentials should have included all along, and the combination is a compelling choice for many very small offices considering their first onsite server or a replacement for an aging Small Business Server 2003 tower. […] continued

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Kindle Fire And Exchange ActiveSync

Amazon Kindle Fire mail setup - no built-in Exchange ActiveSync support

While we’re talking about the Kindle Fire, it’s worth noting one strange omission: the Kindle Fire does not have a built-in connection to Exchange mailboxes. The picture on the left shows all the built-in mail connectors: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and “other” (which covers POP3 and IMAP accounts). Where’s Exchange? […] continued

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Using Adobe SendNow And YouSendIt For Large File Attachments

Adobe SendNow

It is increasingly necessary to send large file attachments by email. It continues to be a bad idea! It clogs up your mailbox and slows down your mail server and generates endless frustration when messages don’t arrive – but none of that matters. Businesses are creating larger and larger files and email is the way business is done, whether I like it from a technical perspective or not. […] continued

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