The Dangers Of Location Tracking

Location tracking is a nightmarish invasion of privacy

Having government and big companies track our locations is a horrific invasion of privacy. We can be sure that big companies will be careless with private information about us, allowing it to be misused by bad actors. The government will almost certainly weaponize it against us. The risks of location tracking outweigh the benefits. […] continued

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Data Brokers: The Companies Hiding In The Shadows That Know Everything About You

Tight focus on the data broker industry

Your personal information is being bought and sold by companies that lurk in the shadows. You’ve never heard of them. That’s the way they like it.

This is the most important issue that affects your privacy today.

Let’s start with a tight focus.

Assume there’s a company that methodically scrapes information from public records – drivers licenses, voter registration, property rolls, census and change of address records, birth certificates, marriage licenses, bankruptcy records. […] continued

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The Mueller Report, Obsolete Technology, And Inferior PDFs

CD & DVD optical drives - obsolete technology

The Justice Department hand-delivered Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 448-page report to Congress on Thursday morning – on CD-ROMs. Isn’t that the cutest thing? House Judiciary Committee staff looked in the closets and found a computer with a working CD-ROM drive.

The report was then posted to the Department of Justice website as a 139Mb PDF file. […] continued

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FBI Warns That Your Router Is Possessed By Demons; Government Recommends Panic

Technopanic 2018: the bad guys control your router

Hundreds of thousands of routers – maybe yours! – are infected by malware linked to the Russian government. The bad guys behind the malware attack, Sofacy Group, are believed to be directed by Russia’s military intelligence agency. It’s the same group that hacked the Democratic National Committee before the 2016 election. […] continued

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Facebook And Fake Accounts: A Miscalculation Of Scale

A miscalculation of scale

Douglas Adams tells this story in his classic novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

After waging frightful war against each other for centuries, two alien civilizations realized that the Earth was actually the source of the dreadful insult that had started the conflict. The strange and warlike beings sought vengeance by uniting and launching a million fierce star cruisers on a joint attack against Earth. […] continued

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Net Neutrality & SESTA: The Big Will Grow Bigger

Net neutrality & SESTA - the tech giants get bigger

Previously: Tech Giants And World Domination

The repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules by the Federal Communications Commission will take effect on April 23.

This week the Senate approved SESTA – a new law that purports to crack down on sex trafficking – after the House approved it last month. […] continued

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Tales From The Trenches: Upgrades Gone Wrong

Tales from the trenches - upgrades gone wrong

Here’s a story about small business technology in 2014. It’s a long story and there’s no moral and no villain (except for Adobe, in the surprise twist at the end, but just so you’re not disappointed – spoiler! – the surprise twist probably doesn’t apply to you).

The setting is a small law office with a mix of Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 workstations. […] continued

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The Good, The Bad, And The Mysterious Google

The Good, The Bad, and The Mysterious Google

Google is a confounding company. We all interact with it daily; almost everyone uses Google Search and Google Maps, at least. Android is running on an overwhelming number of new phones and tablets, with such a commanding lead that it’s fair to say that Android is the new Windows.

And yet . […] continued

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Skydrive Keeps Getting Better! (Except For The Pesky Name Problem)

Skydrive - all photos view

The Service Soon Not To Be Known As Skydrive got some nice updates recently – along with a court decision that gives Microsoft yet another nasty branding problem.

The good news is that Skydrive continues to add new features at a rapid pace. (If you’re new to Skydrive, you’ll find lots of articles here to help you get caught up.) […] continued

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Law Office Technology And A Perfect Storm

Law office technology and a perfect storm

We’re right in the middle of a perfect technology storm, a wild ride that makes the last twenty years look tame. A recent article about law office practice management programs will serve as an example but the principle is true in every area for every kind of business.

The storm is caused by a platform shift from computers to mobile devices. […] continued

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Outlook Archives: Litigation Hold And Third-Party Archiving

Archived mail and Office 365 litigation hold

Outlook Archives: AutoArchiving And Archive.PST Files
Outlook Archives: Office 365 Personal Archives (And The Devil In The Details)

There are two other things to mention briefly about different ways to archive your Outlook mailbox.

Litigation Hold

I have been asked whether it’s possible to prevent employees from deleting or changing anything in their mail folders. […] continued

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Apple Patents The Wedge

Apple Patents The Wedge

It’s not a secret that the tech industry is being distorted by our imperfect patent system. Companies are being purchased to obtain their patent portfolios rather than, say, their product lines or talented employees. The mobile phone market seems to be driven as much by patent lawsuits as by genuine innovation. […] continued

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Lockdown: The Coming War On General Computing

Lockdown - The Coming War On General Purpose Computing - Cory Doctorow

Noted science fiction author and Boing Boing curator Cory Doctorow delivered an important speech last month in London, explaining why attempts by copyright owners to lock down computers and web sites inevitably lead to surveillance and censorship, and how the copyright battles presage bigger fights to come over the very future of general-purpose computers. […] continued

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Law Firms In The Cloud: NetDocuments

Law Firms In The Cloud - NetDocuments

Law Firms In The Cloud: Credenza
Law Firms In The Cloud: Rocket Matter

Until now very small law firms have seldom used a true document management system, but even the smallest firm is starting to feel pressured to consider one to deal with an ever-increasing number of files. NetDocuments has the forward-facing features that put it at the top of the list of document management systems to consider. […] continued

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Law Firms In The Cloud: Rocket Matter

Law Firms In The Cloud - Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter is one of the most likable online services for small law offices. It handles case management, timekeeping, and billing in clean, well-designed screens presented in a web browser, with all data stored online. Take a few minutes and sign up for a demo! It’s an easy, pleasant way to get an idea of how an online program can take over functions that have traditionally been done by programs installed on your local computer. […] continued

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