The market for notebook computers is growing fast. Notebooks already outsell desktop computers in the US and will outsell desktops globally by next year, according to the New York Times. Here’s a report released yesterday comparing global notebook shipments in the first quarters of 2007 and 2008, showing HP and Dell with hugely increased sales and more than a third of the market between them. […] continued

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I get asked all the time whether there’s a difference between a “notebook computer” and a “laptop computer.” There’s no difference; the terms are interchangeable. There’s no consistency in how they’re used.

I just got this notice from Dell’s affiliate program. I have no idea what it means or why this is the new marketing strategy. […] continued

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Notebooks come in a remarkable array of sizes and weights. That’s become the most important decision before going shopping – there’s a far wider range than you’d guess from the lineup of similar 5-6 pound models at CompUSA.

At one end are the 9 pound behemoths with huge screens for movies and games that will have you calling for a chiropractor before you finish carrying it down to the plane. […] continued

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Intel has unveiled a new motherboard chipset for notebooks, and the new generation of notebooks are just hitting the market. Here’s an article with details about the “Santa Rosa” chipset, which will be marketed under the brand names “Centrino Duo” and “Centrino Pro.”

You can read the PC Magazine article for technical details – basically the new notebooks have these new features: faster memory and faster speeds as little data molecules (or sparks, or neutrinos, or whatever the hell they are) move around the motherboard; better built-in graphics, crucial for running Vista; a gigabit network connector, capable of speeds that are not yet built into most consumer/small business routers and switches but which will be standard in a couple of years; and the next generation of wireless technology, adding support for “draft 802.11n.” […] continued

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When Lenovo took over IBM’s Thinkpad line of notebooks, there was some concern that the line might be changed and the quality might suffer. All the reviews are good so far, and the new ultraportable Thinkpad X60 is getting rave reviews. Here’s PC Magazine with a review that praises the light weight, extraordinary battery life (seven hours under some conditions!), […] continued

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Dell will roll out new business notebooks today, the Latitude D620 and D820, with two interesting features. Here’s an article about the rollout.

First, they will have built-in support for Internet connections through Verizon or Cingular cellular networks. Up to now, a reference to “wireless” referred only to 802.11g networks – the 100 foot cloud created by a wireless access point somewhere on the ground. […] continued

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Tomorrow Dell will put two new laptops on its web site: the Inspiron 1100, starting at $899, and the Inspiron 5100, starting at $1,199.

Features and price are comparable to notebooks from HP and Compaq. This article about the Dell announcement points out that it’s occasionally possible to find rebates and special promotions that lower the HP/Compaq prices even further. […] continued

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Intel will release its next mobile CPU chipset family, the Centrino, on March 12. The chipset has built-in support for 802.11b wireless networking and features Pentium 4-level performance with better battery life and power-management than the current Pentium III-M chips. Lots of PC makers will be on board with new notebook and Tablet PC designs when Centrino hits the market next month. […] continued

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Today Dell is introducing a new notebook under a thousand dollars. The SmartStep 100N isn’t configurable, but its specs are darned good for $949 – 1.06GHz Intel Celeron processor, 128MB of RAM, a 20GB hard drive, a 14-inch display and a CD-ROM drive, along with Windows XP Home Edition. Other manufacturers have models that are pretty close – Toshiba, in particular, has a Satellite notebook at $999 with more memory and a DVD drive. […] continued

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I haven’t laid hands on this notebook computer, but it sure looks like a sweet deal on a Toshiba notebook from Costco Online – $1399.99 buys a Pentium III 1.0 GHz processor, 256Mb RAM, 20Gb hard drive, built-in DVD, 14″ TFT display, some 3D graphics support, built-in modem and NIC, and Windows XP Professional. […] continued

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