Microsoft released a huge patch for Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6 today. It is highly recommended that everyone install this patch immediately. It is a cumulative patch that includes all previous security updates for IE, and adds protection against three new vulnerabilities that were just discovered. Here’s an article about the patch, and here’s the Microsoft page where you can get it. […] continued

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Microsoft is fond of saying it actually encourages competition by developing programs that can be customized. Yahoo has stepped up and released a clever bit of software that will put those claims to the test.

Yahoo Essentials customizes Internet Explorer in several ways: it takes over searches in the browser address bar, it switches the default e-mail client to Yahoo Mail, it embeds its instant messenger within the IE window, it adds a Yahoo toolbar below the standard IE menu, it places a shortcut to Yahoo Mail on the PC desktop and it offers to set the home page to […] continued

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Internet security is the buzzword of the moment. There’s a lot of paranoia about privacy these days. Some of it is justified.

For what it’s worth, I tend to think that cookies do not currently deserve much paranoia. There are hypothetical ways in which information from cookies could be used in insidious ways by advertisers, but I’m not aware of anything like that happening in the real world – at least not yet. […] continued

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No rush, but if you’re interested Microsoft released Internet Explorer 6 today. It addresses some additional privacy concerns, supposedly including a cookie manager of some sort. I’ve gotta go check it out.

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According to this article, Netscape will essentially get out of the browser business soon. Its web site will be turned into an Internet media hub to showcase Time Warner artists and publications. Keep your eye on AOL Time Warner’s plans to cross-market all of its different businesses. It promises to be an overwhelming experience, marketing and advertising on a level we’ve never seen before. […] continued

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Google continues to provide search results that are so accurate that it’s spooky. It bears repeating – as much as I hate screen clutter, I recommend the Google Toolbar, a browser addon that puts a slender Google search bar across the top of the screen. Not only do you get easy access to Google, it also lets you search for words on the page you’re viewing at that moment, as well as allowing you to search only the pages of the web site you’re visiting. […] continued

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