Bruceb News Hits A Milestone, Despite Popular Demand

Bruceb News - Pulp-o-mizer cover

If your Internet connection feels a little slow, it’s probably because the Bruceb News site is sucking up the world’s bandwidth to accommodate well-wishers, gawkers, and passers-by eager to see what all the commotion is about. It’s a milestone: this is article number 2400 in the never-ending series of Bruceb News posts! […] continued

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Life Without The Network

Life Without The Network - Dilbert

Boing Boing has an article about the aftereffects of a hacking attack on the Economic Development Administration, a small division of the Department of Commerce. The network was quarantined and all the computers were shut down.

The unexpected result is that the department appears to be functioning just fine. “Remarkably, despite the return to pre-historic fax-machine technology, the EDA seems to be functioning fairly well, perhaps even better in some ways. […] continued

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Patches And Updates Are Essential To Computer Security

Computer viruses - patches and updates are essential prevention

Keeping your computer up to date with patches has become the most important element of being secure online. New studies show that fully patched systems have significantly more protection against malware spread by poisoned web sites and the other forms of viruses and malware floating around.

The monitoring and updating service that I offer for a few dollars each month is just as important for your security as your antivirus program. […] continued

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Conan O’Brien On The iPad 2

Everything you need to know about the iPad 2.

Conan O’Brien – Apple is getting a little cocky about iPad 2

If the video doesn’t display, look for it here.

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Happy New Year!


All my best wishes for a prosperous and healthy new year, filled with technology that does wonderful things for you (and, with luck, requires just a bit of assistance from your friendly IT consultant).

I wanted to share a couple of the comments that have come in recently in response to articles I’ve posted here. […] continued

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Ze Frank And Connections Over The Internet


Ze Frank has been doing interesting online experiments for almost ten years. He delivered a talk about some of his projects to a TED conference a few months ago; if you can find 20 minutes to watch it, you might come out feeling a little better about community and sharing and connections and what to think about the person staring at their cell phone as they walk down the street. […] continued

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A Note For Subscribers About Ze Frank And Video

Now I know the answer to a lingering question: if I embed videos into a news post and send it out to my email subscribers, the video links will just vanish. Poof! Nothing to click on.

You’ll have a better idea of what the Ze Frank post is about if you visit the news page online, where the videos should show up quite nicely. […] continued

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If you want to kill some time today, TechCrunch has a list of this year’s April Fools jokes. You’ll be able to quickly discover why Google’s main search page has been renamed “Topeka,” or go try out YouTube’s “TEXTp” mode, or go buy some unicorn meat at Thinkgeek, or about fifty more. […] continued

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patronsaintofbaconEverywhere I went today the same question came up – who was the stylish figure in the picture of the dual monitors yesterday?

Actually, if you want to be hyper-technical, I didn’t go anywhere today and no one asked, but that’s not important.

That’s St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of Bacon, holding a frying pan with two strips of crispy, delicious bacon. […] continued

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upsidedown My favorite support call this month came from a client reporting that everything onscreen had turned upside down. The little monitor controls that come up when you fiddle with the buttons on the monitor were right side up but everything else was upside down. He had literally been forced to turn the monitor upside down to be able to work. […] continued

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Did you notice that the Google logo on the main search page had a spaceship beaming up one of the “O”s in “Google” for a couple of days? Bless their hearts, Google can be marvelously odd sometimes.

The logo is frequently changed for special events and holidays, but there was no obvious reason for the spaceship last week. […] continued

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Here’s a comparison of a picture that was used on Microsoft’s US web site and the same picture on Microsoft’s Polish web site.


Microsoft is taking some well-deserved heat today for photoshopping out the black guy’s head and replacing it with a white guy’s head. It’s probably done for a business or demographic reason instead of latent racism, but it’s still a pretty clumsy move. […] continued

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If you have five minutes free, click here for a moderately amusing video from Microsoft about the history of the Internet.

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. . . I bet you thought that last post was about you . . .


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