Using HP Scan & Capture To Create PDFs From Your Scanner

HP Scan and Capture - free Windows 8 app for creating PDFs from your scanner

HP Scan and Capture is a free app for Windows 8.1 that can create PDFs from scanned documents – if your computer and scanner meet the requirements. It may help some of you avoid paying Adobe’s expensive subscription rate for Adobe Acrobat.

The takeaway

•  HP Scan and Capture reaches out to your HP scanner and creates either JPGs or multi-page PDFs. […] continued

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New Dell XPS 13 Signals A Good Year For Laptops

Dell XPS 13 2015 edition

Dell is selling a new 2015 version of the XPS 13 laptop that represents Dell’s return to form after years of ho-hum products. It’s one of a number of exciting laptop announcements this month that make me optimistic for the entire computer industry.

There are two sides of the big picture. […] continued

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Why Is It So Difficult To Buy Windows 8 On A Business Desktop Computer?

Downgrade ahead - it's nearly impossible to buy Windows 8 on business desktop PCs

For reasons that I can’t comprehend, it is almost impossible to buy Windows 8 on many mainstream business desktop PCs.

Windows 7 beats Windows 8 market share gainsThe tech press finds it endlessly entertaining to chart the slow sales progress of Windows 8. The most recent collection of articles from last week trumpeted statistics about continued strong sales of Windows 7. […] continued

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Clean Up After Your Printers

Clean up after old printers

Here’s a housekeeping tip that will help keep your computers happy.

When you take a printer out of service, remove the printer from the Printers folder, then uninstall the programs that were installed to support the printer. HP, Epson and Canon are all likely to have dropped anywhere from three to a dozen programs on your computer – status monitors, scanning utilities, bad photo editors, useless web services, advertising for ink cartridges, and more. […] continued

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Windows 8 Sales Are Slow–And It’s (Partially) The Manufacturers’ Fault

Slow Windows 8 sales

Windows 8 was introduced at the end of October. Although Microsoft claims to have sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses since then, it’s generally conceded that sales have been slower than anticipated.

There are several reasons for the slow start. Computer manufacturers bear some of the responsibility.

The computer era is ending faster than expected. […] continued

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Windows 8 Tablet/Notebook Mash-ups

Windows 8 hybrid tablet/notebook - Microsoft Surface

Manufacturers are showing off upcoming Windows 8 devices for the first time at a trade show in Berlin this week. In a couple of months you’re going to be walking down store aisles full of odd devices with screens and keyboards that twist and turn and swivel and detach and slip in every direction. […] continued

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Sixty Days Of Technology


Get some popcorn, keep a grip on your wallet, and settle down. The action is about to begin.

There are big changes coming up in the world of mobile devices, and the thrilling conclusion will affect your computers as well when Microsoft officially releases Windows 8.

Here’s a look at what lies ahead. […] continued

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The Latest Toys

Ultrabooks - HP Envy Spectre 14

New toys are coming on the market, just as promised. As you look at them, keep in mind that this is only the beginning. This is a transition year that will be filled with new products, each one looking better/cheaper/shinier than the one before it.


By summer the shelves will be full of 13” ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight notebook computers. […] continued

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Windows Tip: Remove Unwanted Toolbars

Unwanted toolbars - Bing Bar and Bing Rewards

We are under constant assault from advertisers seeking a foothold on our computers. We invite some of them into our lives voluntarily – every time you do a Google search or check your Facebook page, you’re making advertisers very happy (and making Google and Facebook exceedingly rich).

There is, however, a bit of advertising that you can control. […] continued

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HP And Bloatware – Still Up To The Same Old Tricks

HP and Bloatware

Previously: HP OfficeJet 8600 Plus

Here’s a reminder to always do a custom install with any program, and watch carefully for unwanted software that may be installed alongside the program you want.

HP has a long history of slow installation routines that sneak unwanted advertising and programs onto your computer. The installation program for the HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus is slightly better than the OfficeJet 8500, but there are still too many chances to wind up assaulted with ads and unwanted bloat. […] continued

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HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus

HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus review

After some research, I settled on HP’s new OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus to replace an aging inkjet printer and defunct flatbed scanner. My early impressions are good. Here are some of the reasons it’s a good fit for me (and might or might not be good for you).

The fundamentals are all there, better than previous generations. […] continued

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Annoying Checkboxes, HP Style


Annoying Checkboxes (Microsoft Office)
Ban The Check (Java, iTunes)

This week’s installment of Annoying Checkboxes comes to us courtesy of HP, always a reliable source of installation routines that take too long and bloat your system with too much crud. Now they’ve added a non-standard installation routine that seems designed to conceal the sneaky advertising and crapware that will be loaded onto your computer if you’re not careful. […] continued

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Philip Churchill’s WHS blog has more details on the HP Data Vault, built on Windows Home Server. There are some fuzzy screen shots in the HP white paper showing that HP’s software has been lightly overhauled to make it look more businesslike, with less emphasis on media streaming and sharing photos and music. […] continued

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HP & Windows Home Server For Business

Devices built on Windows Home Server can be perfect for backups and file sharing in small business networks. Here’s more information about what it means to use Windows Home Server to back up workstations in small businesses.

It’s been hard to explain that to business owners. The name “Windows Home Server” does not precisely shout out, “Backup System For Small Businesses,” does it? […] continued

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It seems we’re constantly buying printers to replace the ones that break before their time. A quick word of advice if you buy an HP printer: don’t put that installation CD in the drive! The chances are good that you’ll wind up with hundreds of megabytes of bloated software that will muck up your nice shiny computer (and at worst thoroughly break it). […] continued

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