Microsoft Reshapes The Server Market

windowsserver2012logoWindows 8 will get all the press attention when it is released in October but Microsoft is also making deep changes to its server operating systems. Last week it announced details about the Windows Server 2012 lineup and again showed a willingness to shake up the market and send a message about Microsoft’s commanding lead in business technology. […] continued

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Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Part 3: Backups

Small Business Server 2011 Essentials

Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Part 1: Overview
Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Part 2: Remote Access

Small Business Server 2011 Essentials has one overlooked feature that fills an important need in most small businesses. Every night, SBS 2011 Essentials backs up all of the workstations in their entirety.

Microsoft originally developed this backup technology for Windows Home Server. […] continued

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Microsoft’s Missing Small Business Servers


In April, with little fanfare, Microsoft released three new server products to manufacturing and to the hardware vendors: Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Windows Home Server 2011, and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.

Small Business Server 2011 Essentials is so well-designed and fits its niche so perfectly that I expected that it would become the standard platform for many very small businesses, as ubiquitous as SBS 2003 was in its day. […] continued

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R.I.P. Drive Extender


Drive Extender deserves another mention before it heads into the graveyard of failed technology.

If you’ve been reading along, you know that Drive Extender was the promising technology built into Windows Home Server to make it easier to manage storage space on a network device. Drive Extender pools the storage on all the hard drives in a Windows Home Server device, with little regard for drive letters, partitions, volumes, RAID, or the other arcana of hard drive management; and it replicates data across the physical hard disks so that no data is lost in the event of a hardware failure. […] continued

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Looking Forward: Small Business Server 2011 Essentials


The Future Of Small Office Technology
History Lesson, Part 1: Small Business Server
History Lesson, Part 2: Windows Home Server
Looking Forward: Small Business Server 2011 Standard

I have a long article for you about an exciting new platform for small businesses scheduled for release in six months. Take your time and read this over the holiday weekend, but don’t get lazy and decide you can skip this one – there will be a test when class meets again. […] continued

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History Lesson, Part 2: Windows Home Server


The Future Of Small Office Technology
History Lesson, Part 1: Small Business Server

Some of Microsoft’s best technology has been overlooked for three years, hobbled by a poorly chosen name and a market that wasn’t ready for it. Microsoft is about to take that technology and put it front and center. […] continued

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The Future Of Small Office Technology


Over the past few weeks, Microsoft has laid out the technology that will power small offices for the foreseeable future.

When these are on the market (likely within the next 3-6 months), the landscape for small businesses will be completely different than anything you have seen before. Each piece is an outgrowth of existing products and services, but each one represents a huge step forward in vision and execution. […] continued

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Previously: Windows 7 Searches – Small Business

When you click on Documents in the Start menu in Windows 7, your cursor arrives blinking in Libraries. I’ve been annoyed by that for months, but I finally had an “ah-ha!” moment when I discovered what libraries can do for searches. Let me give you some background about libraries, from the perspective of a small business or law firm user. […] continued

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If the right elements are in place, Windows 7 can be used for lightning-fast searches through shared folders in small businesses and law firms. There are a couple of tricks to that process; it will take a couple of days to give you the background and show you some search techniques. […] continued

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onecareThis is for anyone who might have been procrastinating. Look down in the lower right corner for the icon for your security program.

If you see the Windows Live OneCare icon (pictured above), it’s time to move on!


If you see the Microsoft Security Essentials icon (pictured at right), you’re fine. […] continued

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Our Password-Protected Lives

password There is more frustration with passwords than almost any other part of our interactions with computers. Part of the frustration is the difficulty of remembering them, of course, but there is also no consistency to help you understand when a password is required or what it’s for.

Passwords will be a fact of life for a long time. […] continued

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Philip Churchill’s WHS blog has more details on the HP Data Vault, built on Windows Home Server. There are some fuzzy screen shots in the HP white paper showing that HP’s software has been lightly overhauled to make it look more businesslike, with less emphasis on media streaming and sharing photos and music. […] continued

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HP & Windows Home Server For Business

Devices built on Windows Home Server can be perfect for backups and file sharing in small business networks. Here’s more information about what it means to use Windows Home Server to back up workstations in small businesses.

It’s been hard to explain that to business owners. The name “Windows Home Server” does not precisely shout out, “Backup System For Small Businesses,” does it? […] continued

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I recently wrote an article praising the use of Windows Home Server as a backup device for small businesses. Shortly after that, Microsoft put up a web page about using Windows Home Server in small offices. I can’t prove that Microsoft was reacting to my article but I think we all can draw the obvious conclusion. […] continued

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Backups – Introduction
Backups – Data Backups vs. Drive Images
Backups – External Hard Drives
Backups – Software for Data Backups
Backups – Online Backups
Backups – Image-Based Backups
Backups – Seagate Replica
Backups – Windows Home Server
Backups – Small Business Server
Backups – Recommendations

We’ve talked extensively about different ways to back up individual computers, but even the smallest businesses (and many homes) are likely to have multiple computers that should be backed up. […] continued

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