Dropbox Updated To Version 1.0


Dropbox is high on the list of essential utilities. It has been in an extended testing period but a few days ago the official ultra-stable Version 1.0 was released.

I’ve written about Dropbox frequently. The basic concept is easy: Dropbox is a free program to sync files among each of your computers and mobile devices. […] continued

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Be Careful Setting Up Your Kindle Account!


Our online purchases and subscriptions and services are associated with accounts linked to an email address. Be careful when you set up accounts and make purchases! These are turning into long-term relationships that need to be right.

A concrete example: buy Kindle ebooks from Amazon using the email address of the person who will read them. […] continued

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Free Screen Sharing With Join.Me


In June I wrote an article about LogMeIn Express, a free and extremely easy to use service being tested by LogMeIn for quickly sharing a screen with one person or a small group of people.

When I went back to look at it recently, I discovered that the service has been renamed “Join Me” and moved to https://join.me […] continued

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OneNote 2010 – Syncing And Sharing


OneNote 2010 – Introduction
OneNote 2010 – Outlook Integration

Stick with me. I’m going to describe the feature built into OneNote 2010 that works so well – quietly, seamlessly – that it deserves to be noticed, used, and celebrated.

OneNote 2010 is designed to be used on multiple computers. […] continued

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Windows Live Sync And Missed Opportunities

windowslivesynciconMicrosoft is finalizing a new version of Windows Live Sync, its free software for syncing files among different computers. The new version replaces the two overlapping programs available from Microsoft for the last few years, Windows Live Sync and Live Mesh, combining features from both of them.

This should be good news. […] continued

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Office Web Apps


Microsoft has introduced Office Web Apps, free online versions of Office programs that can be used entirely inside a web browser. Visit http://office.live.com to take a look at technology that will change our world.

That sounds breathless and exciting, right? It’s not hyperbole. You are living through a long-term shift away from dependence on individual computers and toward shared resources that live online and can be accessed from any of our devices, big and small. […] continued

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Try A Google Docs Demo


I want you to take a look at a demo of Google Docs. It’s a fast way to be introduced to the concept of editing and storing documents online.

When I look in my crystal ball, my prediction has changed from last year. It now looks likely that small businesses and small law firms will not be storing any significant quantities of documents online in the near future. […] continued

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I’m going to tell you about a new free service from LogMeIn that will make some of you so happy that you will clap your hands in childish glee.

You already know LogMeIn as the company behind LogMeIn Free and LogMeIn Pro, the best software available for remote connections to an office or home computer – fast, secure, with a sleek, intuitive interface and features that outdo the competition. […] continued

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LogMeIn File Manager And Mapped Network Drives


LogMeIn Pro: Remote Access
LogMeIn Pro: Sending Large Files
LogMeIn Pro: Desktop Shortcut

Here’s a tip for LogMeIn users to fix a glitch that turns up in the File Manager used to transfer files between two computers.

LogMeIn is best known for its products aimed at consumers that provide remote access to computers over the Internet. […] continued

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Dropbox For iPad, Android


Dropbox has become an indispensable part of my toolbox. It’s the free service that syncs files between different computers, so that files in the “My Dropbox” folder appear on all the computers running the software linked to your account. Edit a file on your home computer, save it in My Dropbox, and the edited version will be on your office computer in the morning. […] continued

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Sending Photos Online With Windows Live Photo Gallery


Last month I described one way to move photos online with Microsoft’s free photo program, Windows Live Photo Gallery, using the built-in option to publish photos on Skydrive.

It turns out that Windows Live Photo Gallery can also send photos online to a number of other services, making it even more flexible than I realized. […] continued

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For many people, Windows Live Photo Gallery is the best program for displaying, tagging, and doing light editing of photos. It’s free, attractive, and helps you do simple photo chores without the mind-numbing complexity of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Sure, serious photo junkies will use Photoshop, Lightroom, or other programs, but Windows Live Photo Gallery is just right for the rest of us. […] continued

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Confidential Folders In Small Business Networks


Here’s a procedure for people working in a very small business that don’t want to call me for every routine task.

Very small businesses frequently have a single folder for all company or firm files. It’s almost always mapped to a drive letter, so everyone stores all work files in the “N:” drive or the “P:” drive. […] continued

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livemeshlogoLive Mesh is Microsoft’s program for syncing folders between multiple computers and online storage, making your files available to you wherever you are.

I think Live Mesh is dead, and I think I know why: Microsoft is deliberately cutting back on what it could have delivered to protect the revenue it wants from Office 2010. […] continued

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Sync Files With Dropbox


If you use more than one computer regularly, then you understand the need for an easy way to access some of the same files from each of your computers.

I want to add Dropbox to the programs you consider to accomplish that. At the moment, it combines simplicity and exactly the right features – and the basic version is free. […] continued

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