Dropbox Lowers Prices, Still Comes Out Behind OneDrive

Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box

The cost of online storage continues to drop as Microsoft, Google and Amazon race to build out enormous online data storehouses. Last week Dropbox finally dropped its price for 1Tb of online file storage to $9.99/month to match the competition. Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive will also give you 1Tb of space for $9.99/month. […] continued

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Still More Free OneDrive Storage. Can Dropbox survive?

Microsoft OneDrive - more storage space, lower prices

This week Microsoft announced huge increases in the amount of free online storage space with each OneDrive account, and sharply reduced prices again for additional space. Synced online file storage is turning into a basic component of our devices, something that we expect instead of a premium feature that we pay for. […] continued

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OneDrive Arrives As The Cross-Platform Solution

OneDrive Replaces SkyDrive

OneDrive officially replaced SkyDrive worldwide today, with a new URL (www.onedrive.com) and updated apps with the new name already showing up on computers, tablets and phones.

There isn’t much that’s new other than the name. Current SkyDrive users got an email today offering 20Gb of additional storage space for one year free, which is nice, but that’s about it. […] continued

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Understanding Skydrive, Part 4: Sharing And Collaboration

Skydrive sharing

The Difference Between A Microsoft Account And An Office 365 Account
Understanding Skydrive, Part 1: Skydrive vs. Skydrive Pro
Understanding Skydrive, Part 2: The Basics
Understanding Skydrive, Part 3: The Microsoft Office Connection

Microsoft has steadily improved sharing in Skydrive. Among other uses, it has become one of the easiest and most attractive services to use for sharing photos, and it is one of the best ways to deal with files that are too large to email. […] continued

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New Features In Office 2013 – UI, Skydrive, Word


Previously: Office 365 Home Premium: The View From 36,000 Feet

All the attention is focused on the subscription-based licensing of the new Office suite, but at some point you’re likely to wonder if anything has changed in the programs themselves that would make you care about the upgrade.

Well, maybe.

If you’re a home user or micro-business owner with several PCs, the subscription is priced so cheaply that you have little to lose. […] continued

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Technical Notes About Dropbox, Google Drive And Skydrive

Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive technical notes

Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive: Send In The Clones

This is not an exhaustive list, just a few things that stand out about the cloud syncing services in their current forms. None of these is a reason to choose one or the other service, they’re just interesting things to know. […] continued

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Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive: Send In The Clones

Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive - send in the clones

Microsoft and Google each introduced services this week that are copies of Dropbox in rather precise detail.

Taken together, these services represent a fundamental change in the way we use technology. Here’s my best effort to sum it up:

Storing files on one device or in one physical location is now just another option – and not a very useful one. […] continued

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Getting Through A Transitional Year


Let’s gather up all the things that are on the verge of changes large and small. It covers just about every category.

The common thread is that not one of them is ready now.

Everything is in play. Anything that you buy now will seem like a poor decision in hindsight within a short time. […] continued

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Be Careful With Confidential Data On Mobile Devices


As much as we all hate remembering passwords and thinking about security, it’s hard to ignore the constant headlines on the front page about hacking and security and privacy.

You’re getting better. You’re well trained to practice safe computing on your home and office computers. With the help of LastPass, many people have begun to use complex passwords for web services. […] continued

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Law Firms In The Cloud: NetDocuments

Law Firms In The Cloud - NetDocuments

Law Firms In The Cloud: Credenza
Law Firms In The Cloud: Rocket Matter

Until now very small law firms have seldom used a true document management system, but even the smallest firm is starting to feel pressured to consider one to deal with an ever-increasing number of files. NetDocuments has the forward-facing features that put it at the top of the list of document management systems to consider. […] continued

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Using Adobe SendNow And YouSendIt For Large File Attachments

Adobe SendNow

It is increasingly necessary to send large file attachments by email. It continues to be a bad idea! It clogs up your mailbox and slows down your mail server and generates endless frustration when messages don’t arrive – but none of that matters. Businesses are creating larger and larger files and email is the way business is done, whether I like it from a technical perspective or not. […] continued

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Office 365 Part 3 – Collaboration With Sharepoint Online


Office 365 Part 1 – Overview
Office 365 Part 2 – The Evolution Of Exchange Online

Sharepoint Online sets up an online portal that a business can use for a number of different things:

  • Documents can be stored online with rich controls for sharing files with colleagues and clients. It’s also easy to track versions of documents and search for information.
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The Fragmented Tech Landscape


Not everything works with everything else.

Your expectations have changed so quickly that you might not have noticed. It wasn’t long ago that most people used a single PC at a single location and were content to leave the data on that computer behind when they left that desk. When you closed Outlook on the office computer, you didn’t expect to open up the same mailbox at home. […] continued

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Dropbox Sharing Addendum


Sharing Files With Dropbox

Yesterday I described how to share any file in Dropbox by right-clicking a file or folder, then clicking on “Get Shareable Link.”


If you do not see the option to “Get Shareable Link,” apparently you have to “enable your account”. It’s a single click described on this page. […] continued

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Sharing Files With Dropbox


Dropbox is the essential free program to sync files among each of your computers and mobile devices. If you’re not a Dropbox user, you probably should be. Go read one of my articles about it, go to the Dropbox web site and watch some videos, and start using it. […] continued

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