The Curse Of Downtime: A Story From Real Life

The curse of downtime: a story of a dead server

Servers fail without warning sometimes.

This is what happened in a law office last month when the server failed. Each failure has its own story and the details of your story will be different if you’re ever in this position, but there’s a broad point to be made: unexpected downtime has become hard to tolerate. […] continued

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The Curse Of Downtime: What Happens When Your Server Fails?

What happens when your server fails?

You don’t have a spare server in the closet.

That’s really the important part. You’d have more options if you had two identical servers and kept one in the closet for emergencies. But you didn’t buy two identical servers. No one does. You’ve got one server that does everything for your business. […] continued

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The Curse Of Downtime: Backups Aren’t Always Sufficient Protection

Downtime - definition

We have reached a tipping point. If you’re working in a small business or law firm, you already know this at some level, but it deserves to be brought out into the open.

This is the heart of it:

In the event of a technology crisis, backups of your data are not always sufficient to contain the damage to your business. […] continued

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How To Restore Files With Bruceb Cloud Backup


Bruceb Cloud Backup provides secure online backups to Amazon S3’s global server network. One of its most useful features is the ability to restore previous versions of files when they are inadvertently edited or deleted and there’s a need to roll back the clock. Here are some tips about restoring individual files from the online backup. […] continued

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Introducing Bruceb Cloud Backup v.2

Bruceb Cloud Backup - secure monitored online backups for small business

I am happy to announce a major update to Bruceb Cloud Backup, now offering monitored online backups for small businesses and home offices with increased storage and lower prices plus new features and improved, easy-to-use software. One thing hasn’t changed: it’s monitored and supported by Bruceb Consulting, and I’m dedicated to protecting you and your data. […] continued

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Getting Through A Transitional Year


Let’s gather up all the things that are on the verge of changes large and small. It covers just about every category.

The common thread is that not one of them is ready now.

Everything is in play. Anything that you buy now will seem like a poor decision in hindsight within a short time. […] continued

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Backup Strategies

Bruceb Cloud Backup - monitored online backups

There is a lot of interest in online backups but they are only one part of a bigger picture. Let’s take a quick look at the options you have for backups.

Backing up the data on company servers is serious business for another article. Let’s assume that you have some robust way to back up the company servers. […] continued

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Bruceb Cloud Backup – Price Reduced

Bruceb Cloud Backup - monitored online backups for small businesses

Bruceb Cloud Backup provides monitored online backups at prices that are comparable to the unmonitored "business" plans offered by competitors.

The web site has been updated with new information about Bruceb Cloud Backup. You’ll find answers to all your questions there.

I introduced the online backup service a few months ago. […] continued

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Disassembling An External Hard Drive

Disassembling an external hard drive

External USB hard drives are everywhere. All of you have one or two set up for backups of each computer, right? Many of you also use them for saving video and photo collections that are too big for the hard drive in your computer.

(If you’re shopping, you’ll find that hard drive prices are skyrocketing, almost double what they were a few months ago. […] continued

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The Joy Of Managed Online Backups

Bruceb Cloud Backup - online backup and recovery

We’re all busy. Life is full of choices about what deserves attention and what should be passed off to someone else.

The Bruceb Cloud Backup service is managed and monitored. When you sign up for Bruceb Cloud Backup, I watch your backups remotely. If there’s a problem, I fix it. […] continued

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The Sad Decline Of JungleDisk

Jungledisk - loss of confidence

(Update 09/2017: Jungle Disk is a much different company in 2017 than when I wrote this article. Think of this as a snapshot in time, but don’t let it influence you if you are evaluating them many years later – everything has changed. Jungle Disk lives on with new owners and new products.) […] continued

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Finally! The Debut Of Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials

Western Digital WD Sentinel DX4000

Western Digital is shipping the first device available in the US with Microsoft’s small business storage and backup software, Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.

Microsoft has a gift for names, doesn’t it? It’s a little embarrassing to gush over a product that is brand new on the market and very appealing when it has a wince-inducing name like “Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.” […] continued

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Bruceb Cloud Backup And The Local Option

Bruceb Consulting Cloud Backup And Recovery

Redundancy, Backups, And Redundancy
Introducing Bruceb Cloud Backup

Subscribers to Bruceb Cloud Backup have the option to use it for onsite backups, in addition to storing backed up files in the cloud. It adds some interesting flexibility and can be a way to cut costs.

When you add the local option to your Bruceb Cloud Backup subscription, I’ll supply a 2Tb external hard drive to plug into the server or workstation that holds your business data. […] continued

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Introducing Bruceb Cloud Backup

Bruceb Cloud Backup And Recovery

Redundancy, Backups, And Redundancy

I am excited to be able to offer Bruceb Cloud Backup, a managed online backup solution designed for small businesses and individual users. It is secure, flexible, affordable, and adds an important level of protection for your files.

Unlike a backup to an external hard drive, Bruceb Cloud Backup securely transmits your files to state-of-the-art data centers, where they are safe from theft, fire, spills, power spikes, and all the other things that can happen in your office or home. […] continued

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Redundancy, Backups, And Redundancy

Redundancy and backups

You’re all doing backups. Good job!

(You’re not doing backups? Pfft. That’s just foolish. Call me – don’t put it off, just call me.)

Let’s go through the backup strategies that you have in place. I have some anecdotes that lead me to think that a single backup plan isn’t enough. […] continued

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