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Microsoft Responds To Office 365 Outage

Office 365

The engineering team at Microsoft responsible for Office 365 published a lengthy blog post about the outage on Tuesday. Microsoft is not always very transparent so it is refreshing to get an explanation and – more importantly – to get Promises To Do Better instead of defensiveness.

There is more in the blog post but here are the details about Tuesday’s outage:

“From 9:08AM to 2:10PM PST today, November 13th, some customers in North and South America were unable to access email services.  […] continued

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Major Office 365 Mail Outage On Wednesday

Office 365 Exchange mail outage

Microsoft’s Exchange-based Office 365 mail system went down for four hours on Wednesday afternoon. Service has been fully restored.

If you’re an Office 365 user, then incoming mail was slow to arrive, in some cases delayed by hours, and outgoing messages were stuck in the Outbox. Even webmail was down at least part of the time. […] continued

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Office 365 Mail Outage

Office 365 outage

Some Office 365 users are unable to access their mailbox this  morning, either in Outlook or in webmail.

Microsoft has acknowledged the problem but no details are yet available. There is a forum thread here where Microsoft promises to publish updates. There is a link for administrators in the left column of the Office 365 portal for “Service Health” which is frequently updated (but usually not very helpful). […] continued

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Office 365 And Outlook “Trying To Connect”


Microsoft has been upgrading Office 365 subscribers to new servers during 2013, with improved webmail and a completely overhauled dashboard for users and the latest versions of Exchange Server and other server platforms on the back end. The upgrades haven’t all gone completely smoothly but it seemed like good news all around once the migration was complete. […] continued

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Gmail Goes Down! And Other Tales Of Outages


Gmail was down today for most users for at least an hour, with Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Play and some other Google services remaining down for another hour or more. A side effect: attempts to access Google services during the outage was causing Google Chrome to crash.

Facebook was down today for about 15 minutes, following another brief outage on November 30. […] continued

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Outages Happen


On August 10, the main data center for Exchange Defender suffered a catastrophic power failure. Clients using the spam filtering service had their incoming and outgoing mail interrupted or massively slowed for most of a day, and hosted mailboxes went offline for as long as two days.

On August 17, Microsoft Office 365 had an outage after an unspecified failure in a major North American server center. […] continued

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Office 365 Part 2 – The Evolution Of Exchange Online


Office 365 Part 1 – Overview

Exchange Online is the compelling piece of Office 365 for small businesses and law firms. Even the smallest business should be considering the advantages of using Exchange to run its mail system, and Office 365 is now the most effective way to get the benefits of Exchange. […] continued

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Covid-19 Is Straining The Internet

Server farms under strain from increased streaming & videoconferencing during Covid-19 outbreak

Across the globe, hundreds of millions of people are using their Internet connection more intensely than they did just a few weeks ago. Usage ramped up so quickly that the infrastructure is being stretched past its limits.

I don’t have any tips. You don’t have to do anything differently. It’s just another interesting way that Covid-19 is turning our economy and culture upside down. […] continued

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Moving Company Files To The Cloud: The Problem With OneDrive For Business

OneDrive for Business - the problem with company files

Small businesses and law firms are ready to move their documents to the cloud. Until recently, I haven’t had an answer about how to accomplish that because none of the familiar solutions were quite right.

Let’s get some background, using OneDrive for Business as an example of a service that looks like it ought to be the right answer – but isn’t. […] continued

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The Curse Of Downtime: A Story From Real Life

The curse of downtime: a story of a dead server

Servers fail without warning sometimes.

This is what happened in a law office last month when the server failed. Each failure has its own story and the details of your story will be different if you’re ever in this position, but there’s a broad point to be made: unexpected downtime has become hard to tolerate. […] continued

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Outlook.com Takes Over Hotmail (But Has Some Growing Pains)


Last summer Microsoft introduced Outlook.com, a redesigned webmail service with a modern design and new features that were ahead of Hotmail, Gmail, and the other competitors. Here’s my enthusiastic description of Outlook.com.

(To be clear: Outlook.com is a webmail service. You get an @outlook.com email address and check your mail at www.outlook.com […] continued

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Microsoft Online Services–Again? Really?


Microsoft’s hosted Exchange mail service went down again this morning. Apparently service is now restored and most people are able to get back online, as of about 10:45am.

I haven’t lost faith in this service – it has too many advantages for that. But there have been several outages in the last six months, which doesn’t meet my expectations or your needs. […] continued

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