Windows 8.1 Tip: Display Photos On Your Lock Screen

Windows 8.1 - display photos on your lock screen

Windows 8.1 can display a slide show of your photos on the lock screen. It’s a surprisingly fun distraction if you have an ever-expanding collection of photos.

The lock screen is the full-screen picture that comes up before you log in to Windows 8. Most of you see it briefly when the computer restarts or when you come back to the computer after the monitor has turned off. […] continued

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Microsoft (Still) Does Not Call To Fix Your PC

Microsoft does not call to fix your PC

The phone rang when I was in a client’s office last week. A heavily accented Indian man said, “I am calling from Microsoft. We have received reports that your computer is sending out virus messages. I would like to help you with that.”

It was a cybercriminal! Acting quickly, I traced the call, then assembled a team of IT commandos to rain vengeance on the scammers. […] continued

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The Rising Price Of Search Engine Optimization

The rising price of search engine optimization SEO

If you’re a small business or law firm with a website, you probably have a vague understanding of “search engine optimization” (SEO), the process that is supposed to cause your site to rank high in Google searches. SEO is constantly changing as Google adjusts its search algorithms and competition for those high search result spots becomes more fierce. […] continued

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Tales From The Trenches: Upgrades Gone Wrong

Tales from the trenches - upgrades gone wrong

Here’s a story about small business technology in 2014. It’s a long story and there’s no moral and no villain (except for Adobe, in the surprise twist at the end, but just so you’re not disappointed – spoiler! – the surprise twist probably doesn’t apply to you).

The setting is a small law office with a mix of Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 workstations. […] continued

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Three Tips For Changing Your Password

Three tips for changing your password

The Heartbleed bug has been responsible for a lot of well-meaning advice to change your passwords. I’m a little skeptical about whether that’s necessary because of Heartbleed but – sigh – it is a good reminder that you should update your weak and duplicate passwords. That weak password you use everywhere is protecting your finances, your business, your social life, your computer, and your secrets, and a lot of bad guys are trying to crack it. […] continued

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The Two Things You Need To Know About The Heartbleed Bug

The Two Things You Need To Know About The Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed is the popular name of a security vulnerability that is generating a great deal of excitement. A bug in OpenSSL software – used by 500,000 widely used web sites for security and privacy – might allow a hacker to steal passwords or other confidential information.

There are two things you need to know about Heartbleed. […] continued

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Learn Windows 8.1 From Paul Thurrott’s Windows 8.1 Field Guide

Windows 8.1 Field Guide - Paul Thurrott

Windows 8.1 Field Guide is highly recommended for anyone who wants a clearly written book about what’s new and changed in Windows 8. It’s an experiment in self-publishing – over five hundred pages of information and screen shots that you can get for $2. If you’re someone who likes the comfort of looking something up in a manual, it will be money well spent. […] continued

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The Evolution Of Windows 8 For Keyboard & Mouse Users

Windows 8.1 Update - improvements for mouse & keyboard users

Windows 8.1 computers are getting a significant update on Patch Tuesday this week, part of Microsoft’s continuing effort to improve the Windows 8 experience for keyboard and mouse users.

It’s not a coincidence that Windows 8.1 Update (the official name) arrives on the same day that the very last security patches are released for Windows XP. […] continued

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How To License And Install Microsoft Office

How to license and install Microsoft Office

Here’s a guide to buying a license for Microsoft Office, followed by a description of what Office programs and apps are available for computers, tablets, and phones.

The core Microsoft Office programs – Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, plus Outlook and OneNote – have been essential tools in every business since the dawn of Windows computing in the 80s. […] continued

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