A Few New Computers (And A Couple Of Tablets)

Dell Inspiron One 23 all-in-one with touchscreen

In the market for a new desktop computer? Laptop? Tablet? Phone?

Good luck! There are way too many choices. I can’t imagine how you pick one.

The good news is that almost everything is good enough, especially in the desktop and laptop worlds. Just about everything on the market that’s above the bottom shelf at Walmart has a big enough this and a fast enough that. […] continued

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How To Convert A PDF Into An Editable Word Document

Convert Acrobat PDF to Word format

Offices have settled on PDF as the universal file format. PDFs are used for everything, from scanning the mail to exchanging contracts during negotiations. Offices might be creating more PDFs than Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

Sometimes it’s necessary or helpful to edit the contents of a PDF file in Microsoft Word. […] continued

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Microsoft Continues Rebranding With Office Online

Office Online replaces Office Web Apps

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Microsoft! On the heels of the OneDrive rollout, Microsoft changed the name of its browser-based versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint to Office Online. The actual online programs aren’t new but most people never discovered them hiding in the SkyDrive web site. […] continued

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OneDrive Arrives As The Cross-Platform Solution

OneDrive Replaces SkyDrive

OneDrive officially replaced SkyDrive worldwide today, with a new URL (www.onedrive.com) and updated apps with the new name already showing up on computers, tablets and phones.

There isn’t much that’s new other than the name. Current SkyDrive users got an email today offering 20Gb of additional storage space for one year free, which is nice, but that’s about it. […] continued

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Easy Access To Notebooks At OneNote.com

Updated look for OneNote.com

Microsoft has updated OneNote.com as the first step in a broader rebranding and refreshing of the web versions of all the Office programs.

There are apps available for viewing your OneNote notebooks on just about any kind of computer, tablet, and phone. It’s also been possible to view notebooks online in a web browser but most people don’t know that. […] continued

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SkyDrive Soon To Become OneDrive, With Improved Shared Folders

OneDrive - new name for SkyDrive

Six months ago Microsoft agreed to change the name of its online file service SkyDrive as part of settling a lawsuit brought by British Sky Broadcasting, which has a trademark on the word “Sky” in the EU. The name will change to “OneDrive” soon, according to a Microsoft blog post. […] continued

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How To Remove iTunes Add-Ins From Outlook

Outlook errors caused by iTunes add-ins

If you’re an Outlook user and iTunes is installed on your computer, you may have an Apple add-in running in Outlook that isn’t doing anything useful. In some cases, it turns out to cause slowdowns and crashes in Outlook. Since nothing is easy these days, naturally it requires an extra trick to remove the add-in. […] continued

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Let’s Blame The Computer Manufacturers

Dell & HP - let's blame the computer manufacturers

Desktop computer sales are plummeting.

Windows 8 is preparing to slink offstage after a fairly disastrous time in the spotlight, to be replaced in early 2015 by the Newer! Brighter! Better! Windows 9.

No one is enthusiastic about buying a computer any more. It’s just an overly complicated tool – more of an annoyance than a treat. […] continued

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Rules For Computer Safety 2014

Rules for computer safety 2014

These are the rules for being safe using a Windows computer in 2014.

The bad guys are even scarier this year. You will get phony email messages that look perfect – nothing to give away that the messages don’t really come from your bank, the IRS, UPS, Microsoft, or, well, anyone. […] continued

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