Watch A Demo Of Office 365 Sharepoint, Lync & Office

Office 365

Anyone interested is invited to join a 30-minute webinar on Thursday or Friday for a demonstration of some of the Office 365 services that are less well known to small businesses. I want to encourage my clients to take the time to attend!

To register for the webinar, just click on one of these links:

June 27th 11:30AM PST

June 27th 3:00PM PST

June 28th 10:00AM PST

You’re probably familiar with Office 365 hosted Exchange mailboxes, the mail service that has been adopted by businesses of all sizes, all over the world. […] continued

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Windows 8.1: The View From 36,000 Feet

Windows 8.1

Previously: Windows 8: The View From 36,000 Feet

Today Microsoft is releasing a preview of the next version of Windows, an update named “Windows 8.1” that will be available in final form later this fall.

To understand where it fits, let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

In 2007, Microsoft released Windows Vista, with a number of striking visual changes from Windows XP. […] continued

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PDF Search Stops Working In Windows 8 64-Bit

Adobe PDF search stops working in Windows 8 64 bit

Adobe’s PDF format has become as important in offices as Microsoft’s Office file formats. More and more business assets are stored in PDF format – email archives, scanned correspondence, document versions sent for review, law office discovery, and much more. A business cannot function without being able to search through the contents of all of its files – PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX – and retrieve documents without difficulty. […] continued

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LinkedIn And Creepy Connections

LinkedIn and creepy connections

LinkedIn is increasingly being used by small and medium-size businesses for marketing, recruiting, and networking. I’ll give you a bit of background in case you’re not familiar with LinkedIn, then point out one of its features that can seem creepy if you’re not expecting it.

“Connections” are at the heart of LinkedIn – the people that you know and become “connected” to, and the threads that might lead to someone helpful or some useful information. […] continued

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Microsoft Releases Office For iPhones

Microsoft Office Mobile for iPhones

This morning Microsoft released mobile versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for iPhone users with an Office 365 subscription. “Office Mobile for iPhone” closely resembles the Office programs included on Windows Phone 8 devices, allowing files to be edited and viewed with integrated access to Skydrive and full compatibility with the Office file formats. […] continued

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Sony PlayStation 4 vs. Microsoft Xbox One (Tip: Don’t Bet On Sony)

Xbox One vs. Playstation 4

Sony and Microsoft have now both shown off their next-generation living room consoles. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be available this fall. Each will be solid gaming machines, as well as offering features for non-gamers – integrated access to the web, streaming video services (Netflix, Hulu, et al.), some TV integration, and more. […] continued

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Windows RT Tablets For Business Users (And The Imminent Arrival Of Outlook)

Windows RT and Surface RT tablets

Windows RT is the special version of Windows 8 that runs Microsoft Surface RT tablets and a few tablets from other manufacturers. When eight inch Windows 8 mini-tablets appear soon, they will be running Windows RT.

There are some good reasons to consider a Windows RT tablet instead of an iPad or Android tablet – and there was an announcement about Outlook this week that makes them particularly tempting if you want a tablet for business or law. […] continued

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Fix Office Problems Caused By Skydrive



If you experience long delays or freezes when Word or Excel are saving files to Skydrive, disable the Skydrive setting that creates a direct connection between the Office programs and the online Skydrive folders.


I’m fully committed to Skydrive. I have the Skydrive desktop app installed on my Windows 8 computers. […] continued

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