Understanding Skydrive, Part 1: Skydrive vs. Skydrive Pro


Skydrive is Microsoft’s service for storing files online and accessing them from any device. It is quickly becoming a core service for every Windows user, as important for you to understand as any program on your computer.

Skydrive is simple and flexible, it’s free, and it’s secure and reliable. Microsoft will give you a generous amount of storage space for your files. […] continued

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The Difference Between A Microsoft Account And An Office 365 Account

Microsoft account vs Office 365 account

[June 16, 2016: an updated version of this article can be found here: Understanding Microsoft Work And Personal Accounts.]

Microsoft has taken great strides towards simplifying its products and services. It has discarded products that were overlapping (Live Mesh discarded in favor of Skydrive, Messenger discarded in favor of Skype), it has streamlined its product names (rebranding the Windows Live services, for example), and introduced the consistent interface used on Windows computers, servers, tablets and phones. […] continued

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Windows 8 Tip: Bring Back The Start Menu With Start8

Stardock Start8 - restore Windows 8 Start menu

Missing the Start button on your new Windows 8 computer? It’s easy to get it back with Start8 from Stardock Software.

Microsoft made a bold (and perhaps misguided) decision to insist that everyone use the new Windows 8 Start screen to start programs. Sure, there’s a rocky transition, but the idea is that if everyone becomes familiar with the Start screen, then two things happen: (1) the Start screen becomes pretty lovable, and (2) people will be more likely to use Windows 8 tablets and phones, since they share the identical interface. […] continued

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Office 365 Tip: Using The Improved Outlook Web App

Outlook Web App

Office 365 is in the middle of a major upgrade. Many small business subscribers have already been upgraded and Microsoft intends to have all subscribers upgraded in the next few months. Hosted Exchange mailboxes are being upgraded to new servers running Exchange 2013; it doesn’t change the day-to-day experience of using Outlook but there are some improvements in webmail that are worth knowing about. […] continued

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Comcast Offers Free Wireless For Subscribers In California

Comcast free wireless - Xfinity wifi

If you are a Comcast Internet subscriber, you may be able to take advantage of Comcast’s rollout of free WiFi access from thousands of wireless hotspots around northern California.

Comcast free wireless - Xfinity wifi map

The hotspots broadcast the name Xfinity WiFi. Wireless access points have already been widely deployed around the Bay Area as well as areas in central California and around Sacramento. […] continued

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Where Are Custom Templates Stored For Microsoft Office?

Office - Word online templates

Here’s a very basic tip about Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

You already know the basic concept. When you’ve prepared something that you might re-use, you can save it as a template. Click File / Save As / Save as type / Word Template (*.dotx).

Office - Word - save as template .dotx

When you create a new file from a template, the Office programs make a copy of the template for you to work on. […] continued

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Law Office Technology And A Perfect Storm

Law office technology and a perfect storm

We’re right in the middle of a perfect technology storm, a wild ride that makes the last twenty years look tame. A recent article about law office practice management programs will serve as an example but the principle is true in every area for every kind of business.

The storm is caused by a platform shift from computers to mobile devices. […] continued

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The End Approaches For Windows XP

Windows XP and Office 2003 support ends April 8, 2014

In exactly one year, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP. There will be no more security updates or patches. Microsoft will stop answering the phone. No more technical support bulletins will be published. Support will also end for Office 2003.

If you’re still using Windows XP in a year, you’ll be at far greater risk for security breaches, and you’ll be dealing with a steady stream of programs and devices that just don’t work. […] continued

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Outlook.com Finally Gets A Calendar Update

Outlook.com calendar update

Microsoft finally rolled out an updated calendar to Outlook.com this week, matching the modern look of the other parts of the service that were introduced last year – mail and contacts for Outlook.com and Hotmail mailboxes, and Skydrive for anyone with a Microsoft account.

Outlook.com calendar update

Although Outlook.com was introduced in August, and Microsoft proudly announced that it was “final” in February, the calendar has been stuck with a dated Windows Live interface for seven long months. […] continued

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Leaving Google

Leaving Google ecosystem

I’m leaving Google.

Oh, not completely. I’ll still use Google for searches and maps. I’m not crazy.

But I’m extricating myself from the Google walled garden as much as possible.

It’s about simplicity.

Some people have privacy concerns about Google, which collects more information about us than any other single data collector on the planet. […] continued

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Shopping Tips For Windows 8 Laptops

Lenovo IdeaPad Z400

There is finally a strong selection of Windows 8 laptops on the market, but they are mixed with the aging inventory of models that do not take advantage of the improvements in laptop design – lighter weight, thinner profiles, faster hard drives, and touchscreens. Here’s a quick survey to help you shop. […] continued

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