Bioshock Infinite Breathes Fresh Life Into PC Gaming

Bioshock Infinite

Gaming has been in the doldrums. Oh, sure, lots of people have been buying the latest installments in the war franchises (Call Of Duty, Battlefield, and others like them), but original and creative games have been few and far between.

Bioshock Infinite is a new single-player first-person game that is receiving universal acclaim. […] continued

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Rules For Computer Safety 2013


These are the rules for being safe using a Windows computer in 2013.

The bad guys are getting smarter and more devious – their spelling and grammar has improved and they have gotten better at creating messages that are indistinguishable from real messages from your bank, the IRS, UPS, Microsoft, or, well, anyone. […] continued

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Comcast Speeds Up Internet Service In California

Comcast speeds up Internet service in California

Without much fanfare, Comcast has doubled the speed of its Internet service for most California subscribers, at no extra charge.

Comcast has several service tiers. Most subscribers are in one of the plans that have been upgraded – Performance, Blast, and Extreme. The increases range from 25% faster downloads in the Performance tier to a full 100% increase in the Blast and Extreme tiers. […] continued

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Google Street View Takes You Inside Buildings, Under The Ocean, And Around The World

Google Street View - Great Barrier Reef

Google Street View is one of the wonders of the world. I know you normally would never use your computer to kill time browsing the Internet but really, you should spend an hour looking around the world to discover what the Google Street View team is doing.

Google Street View is the feature of Google Maps that gives you a street-level 360-degree view driving up and down roads all over the world. […] continued

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View And Edit PDF Files In Word 2013

View and edit PDF files in Word 2013

A new feature in Office 2013 that deserves explanation: Word 2013 can convert PDF files into editable Word documents with a high degree of accuracy.

If you browse to a PDF file in Word 2013 and click to open it, you will see this window: “Word will now convert your PDF to an editable Word document. […] continued

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Everything You Need To Know About Automatic Restarts–Patch Tuesday, Windows 8, And Bruceb Management

Automatic Updates and restarts

Almost everyone is aware that their computer will automatically restart overnight on occasion – and most people have dealt with the frustration of an unexpected shutdown that disrupts open windows or forces programs to close, at worst losing data along the way.

Restarts are necessary when system files are patched or files need to be updated that are in use when the computer is running. […] continued

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Updates For Unloved Surface RT Tablets

Surface RT and Surface Pro

Let’s not mince words: very few people have purchased Microsoft’s Surface tablets. It’s still early in the long game that Microsoft is playing but the world is not exactly being changed overnight.

Microsoft is trying to position the Surface devices more clearly in the market.

The original Surface RT ($499 and up) is the one that runs Windows RT, a rewritten version of Windows for ARM processors that can’t run any traditional Windows programs. […] continued

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How To Buy Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013

There are three different paths to buy Office 2013. Choose your path based on whether you are:

–  a home user (or a business that’s so small that everyone feels like family)

–  a business with an existing Office 365 subscription

–  a business that is not already an Office 365 subscriber


buy Office 2013 preinstalled on a new computer. […] continued

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Office 365, Office 2013 & Internet Explorer 10

Office 365 upgraded portal

Here’s some late-breaking news about upgrades to Microsoft’s Office 365 service, Office 2013, and Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7.


Office 365

Existing Office 365 subscribers are being upgraded to a new version of the service, one by one during the past month and continuing for the next few months. Most of the changes are behind the scenes but the new look for the Office 365 portal (shown above) is quite striking, in line with Microsoft’s overall Metro aesthetic. […] continued

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