Outlook.com Takes Over Hotmail (But Has Some Growing Pains)


Last summer Microsoft introduced Outlook.com, a redesigned webmail service with a modern design and new features that were ahead of Hotmail, Gmail, and the other competitors. Here’s my enthusiastic description of Outlook.com.

(To be clear: Outlook.com is a webmail service. You get an @outlook.com email address and check your mail at www.outlook.com […] continued

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The Bizarre, Pointless Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook Pixel

Google has achieved a rare distinction: it has now launched not one but two of the strangest, most pointless products in the long history of stupid tech products.

Last year Google introduced the Nexus Q, an orb-shaped streaming media player designed for living rooms. It had an unbelievably small set of features that did not match anyone’s habits in the real world, combined for some reason with a high price tag that made it bizarrely unappealing in almost every way. […] continued

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Ransomware, Hackers, And The Java Problem

Just say no to Java

Another Java update? Really?


New updates for Java on all versions of Windows this week (Java 6 Update 41 and Java 7 Update 15), following the emergency Java updates last week, which followed the emergency Java updates the week before that. In fact there have been five Java updates in just over five weeks, 15 in the last 18 months. […] continued

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Windows 8 Tip: Sign In With A Microsoft Account

Windows 8 - Sign In With A Microsoft Account

One of the first questions asked during setup of a new Windows 8 PC has particular significance. By default, you’ll be asked to sign in with a Microsoft account. If you do, you’ll be able to take advantage of one of the best features of Windows 8, the built-in ability to sync settings automatically among your PCs. […] continued

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A Busy Week For Patches!

Windows Update - Patch Tuesday

Microsoft and Adobe made sure your computer stayed busy this week, with a particularly large crop of patches and security updates. Your computer has probably already restarted at least once and probably could use another restart to make sure everything has settled down.

Microsoft’s regular Patch Tuesday included a long list of updates covering 57 different vulnerabilities, including some that security researchers believe the bad guys might start targeting in the next month or so. […] continued

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Growth In Smartphone And Tablet Markets Continues Unabated (And It’s All Android And Apple)

Smartphone and tablet duopoly - Android & Apple

The number of smartphones and tablets sold worldwide in 2012 is absolutely staggering. The sense of amazement is the same no matter how you measure it – number of units sold, growth year over year, spending, profits, comparison to declining computer sales. There is something profound going on in the world. […] continued

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Say Goodbye To Windows Vista

Say goodbye to Windows Vista

Say Goodbye To Windows XP (2012)
Say Goodbye To Six-Year-Old Computers (2010)

Time marches on.

It’s time to retire computers running Vista.

Most of them are five years old, some of them coming up on their six-year anniversary.

If you’re running Vista, you’ve probably noticed that your computer is running slowly. […] continued

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Acrobat XI Pro Now Available By Subscription


Adobe has never been shy about charging high prices for its products. Artists and designers have long struggled with the high cost of licenses for Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and other creative programs, and the $449 price tag for an Acrobat license has been a thorn in the side of small businesses for many years. […] continued

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New Features In Office 2013 – Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint

Office 2013 - new features

Office 365 Home Premium: The View From 36,000 Feet
New Features In Office 2013 – UI, Skydrive, Word

Continuing our look at a handful of new features in the updated Office suite, in case any of them get you all excited. (Hey, don’t laugh – I have to sit down and fan myself with my hand whenever I think about inline replies in Outlook.) […] continued

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New Features In Office 2013 – UI, Skydrive, Word


Previously: Office 365 Home Premium: The View From 36,000 Feet

All the attention is focused on the subscription-based licensing of the new Office suite, but at some point you’re likely to wonder if anything has changed in the programs themselves that would make you care about the upgrade.

Well, maybe.

If you’re a home user or micro-business owner with several PCs, the subscription is priced so cheaply that you have little to lose. […] continued

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Office 365 Home Premium: The View From 36,000 Feet

Office 365 Home Premium

Microsoft Office 2013 is the new version of Microsoft’s flagship suite, with the core programs that most businesses use every day – Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint. It is available now for consumers to install. Many of you should start using it. The new version is easy to install and has some nice improvements in the individual programs. […] continued

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