Computer Safety: Look At Links Before You Click

Computer safety: look at links before you click

Here’s a simple tip that might help you avoid an encounter with the bad guys trying to break into your computer.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of malicious email messages with links that lead to poisoned web sites. The messages might appear to be from Microsoft, from a bank, from UPS, from the IRS, or from your neighbor. […] continued

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Office 2010 Subscriptions For Office 365

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 - Office 365 subscription

Many small businesses are using Microsoft hosted Exchange mailboxes run by Office 365. Microsoft has made it clear that it intends to push everyone to subscriptions to Office 2013 next year but Office 365 subscribers don’t have to wait for next year – subscriptions to Office 2010 are available today and there are some good reasons for many small businesses to consider them when buying new computers or upgrading old ones. […] continued

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New Phone To Beat: HTC Windows Phone 8X

HTC Windows Phone 8X

HTC previewed the Windows Phone 8X and Windows Phone 8S at a press conference last week, with Steve Ballmer beaming onstage like a proud father. The phones will be available sometime in early November, along with the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, the Samsung Ativ S, and likely others. The HTC Windows Phone 8X looks like the new high-end Windows phone to beat, with stylish lines, a high-quality camera, and very light weight. […] continued

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Microsoft Office 2013 Subscription Pricing

Microsoft Office 2013 subscription pricing

Microsoft announced pricing for Office 2013, due to be released early next year. When you upgrade Office or get a new computer, you’ll choose between starting a subscription for an Office 2013 license or buying it outright as you have in the past, and you might be surprised – the table is tilted firmly in favor of a subscription from almost every perspective, including price, flexibility, upgrade rights, and features. […] continued

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Batteries Are Improving (Really!)

Batteries are improving (really!)

Good news! Batteries are improving rapidly. It might be hard to believe on the days when the low battery alert flashes too soon but the improvements are quite real and there is reason to hope that things will keep getting better.

Our lives are ruled by batteries. The collection of rechargers in the suitcase is more important than anything else you pack for a trip. […] continued

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New From Apple: The Nice But Underwhelming iPhone 5 (And An iCloud Outage)

Apple iPhone 5 and iCloud outage

Apple dominates the news today but perhaps not the way it was hoping: an underwhelming introduction of the iPhone 5 at the press conference yesterday, and some dissatisfaction about an extended outage of iCloud mail.


First, the good news: the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone yet. It’s also kind of dull. […] continued

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Happy Fifteenth Anniversary To And Bruceb News!


On September 11, 1997, I registered the domain name “”

I’ve been providing computer support for thirty years, ever since I got my first Kaypro II in 1982 and began tugging on people’s sleeves to show them how cool it was. For more than a decade I was the guy down the hall in my law firm that you’d visit when your printer didn’t work or you couldn’t figure out a WordPerfect feature. […] continued

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Amazon Will Begin Collecting California Sales Tax On September 15

Amazon collecting California sales tax September 15

Amazon will begin collecting sales tax on California purchases on September 15. If you’ve been thinking about doing some online shopping, you can save money by placing the order this week.

This glosses over two technical details.

First, it’s actually a use tax, not a sales tax – something to do with Amazon being an out-of-state company.

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Amazon’s New Kindles Take On The iPad

Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon unveiled an array of new Kindles at its press conference today, from a $69 basic Kindle (a reduced price on last year’s model), all the way up to a high end tablet that tops out at $599.

The details are interesting but the big picture is even better. Amazon has updated last year’s Kindle Fire to the point that the Kindle Fire HD is effectively a brand new device – a full-fledged tablet that can stand toe to toe with the iPad at a fraction of the cost. […] continued

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Using The Typewriter Tool In Acrobat X

Acrobat X - using the typewriter tool

Adobe made significant changes to the user interface of Acrobat X, the current version of the widely-used program for creating and sharing professional-level PDF files. Like many design changes, the new layout is jarring for people familiar with Acrobat 8 and 9 but most of it works well after you become familiar with it. […] continued

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Windows 8 Tablet/Notebook Mash-ups

Windows 8 hybrid tablet/notebook - Microsoft Surface

Manufacturers are showing off upcoming Windows 8 devices for the first time at a trade show in Berlin this week. In a couple of months you’re going to be walking down store aisles full of odd devices with screens and keyboards that twist and turn and swivel and detach and slip in every direction. […] continued

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Sixty Days Of Technology


Get some popcorn, keep a grip on your wallet, and settle down. The action is about to begin.

There are big changes coming up in the world of mobile devices, and the thrilling conclusion will affect your computers as well when Microsoft officially releases Windows 8.

Here’s a look at what lies ahead. […] continued

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Outlook Archives: Litigation Hold And Third-Party Archiving

Archived mail and Office 365 litigation hold

Outlook Archives: AutoArchiving And Archive.PST Files
Outlook Archives: Office 365 Personal Archives (And The Devil In The Details)

There are two other things to mention briefly about different ways to archive your Outlook mailbox.

Litigation Hold

I have been asked whether it’s possible to prevent employees from deleting or changing anything in their mail folders. […] continued

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Outlook Archives: Office 365 Personal Archives (And The Devil In The Details)

Office 365 personal archives - the devil is in the details

Previously: Outlook Archives: AutoArchiving And Archive.PST Files

In this article: information about Office 365 personal archives; the detail that might keep you from setting up that archive; quick thoughts about buying licenses for Office as a subscription; and notes for Office 365 administrators about setting up personal archives.

Get some coffee and dive in! […] continued

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Outlook Archives: AutoArchiving And Archive.PST Files

Outlook Archives: AutoArchive And Archive.PST Files

If you’re in a small business using Outlook, your mailbox has probably been growing exponentially for years. Your gut instinct is to keep everything forever but Outlook is slowing down and your IT support people seem upset because maintaining Outlook becomes more difficult as your mailbox grows, for all kinds of reasons. […] continued

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