Windows 8 Tip: Set Internet Explorer To Open On The Desktop


This tip is directed to people experiencing Windows 8 for the first time on a desktop or notebook computer who want to minimize confusion by spending most of their time on the familiar Windows 7-style desktop.


Windows 8 - Internet Explorer - open links on desktop

In Internet Explorer, click on Tools / Options / Programs.

Choose to open links: “Always in Internet Explorer on the desktop.” […] continued

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Windows 8 Tip: Make Desktop The Default Tile On The Start Screen


There is no shortage of guides for learning Windows 8 basics, starting with Microsoft’s guide to new features. Here’s an article that goes through the basics of the Charms bar, the Start Screen, switching apps and snapping them to the sidebar, printing from apps, and more.

Instead of writing a tutorial, I’ll be giving you a series of tips that aren’t as well known – settings that might make Windows 8 more comfortable and easier to adjust to. […] continued

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The Microsoft Surface Tablet And Productivity (Part 2)

Microsoft Surface and productivity

Previously: Some Thoughts On The Microsoft Surface Tablet (Part 1)

Because it is built on an operating system that appears identical to Windows 8, Microsoft’s Surface tablet has some features that set it apart from an iPad. This isn’t a full review of the Surface, just some of the reasons that my first impression is different than I expected. […] continued

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Some Thoughts On The Microsoft Surface Tablet (Part 1)


I’ve been using a Microsoft Surface tablet for a few days. It is a fascinating device, with pros and cons that make it impossible to deliver any blanket assessment. Most of you should watch and wait as rough edges are smoothed out and developers release a better selection of apps – but not everyone. […] continued

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A Snapshot Of The Tech Market

Windows 8 - computers, notebooks, tablets, phones

Let’s catch our breath for a minute and do a quick recap of where things stand as we head into November.


Windows 8 is becoming available, at least as an option, on new computers from the major manufacturers. At the moment everything is in transition, so you might run into something like the order page this morning for a Dell Inspiron 14z Ultrabook, which says in boldface “Dell Recommends Window Pro 8” and then does not offer Windows 8 as an option. […] continued

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Windows 8 Is Officially Released

Windows 8 launch

With a Microsoft press event in New York followed by crowds filling Times Square at midnight, Windows 8 is now available to everyone, sold with new computers as well as appearing for the first time on tablets and hybrid notebooks with detachable keyboards.

You’ll hear about the disruptive changes, of course, the missing Start button and the new moves that are better suited to touchscreens than keyboard and mouse. […] continued

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Everybody Hates Windows 8 (Or So They Say)

Everybody hates Windows 8

“If even a tenth of a percent of new Windows 8 users respond with the level of dismay and distress my wife did, Microsoft and those unlucky enough to be in frontline tech support are going to be at the business end of a volcanic eruption of hate. The reaction will be worst from long-time Windows users, and I’m betting it will cast a shadow on the amount of hate Vista got at launch.” […] continued

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Windows 8 Is Completely Different From Windows 7!


Windows 8 is a mobile OS that includes a rich desktop environment as one – and only one – of its features.

Windows 8 is NOT an updated version of Windows 7 that happens to include some mobile apps.

When the Windows 8 Start Screen appears, the desktop is one tile. […] continued

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Windows 8 Is Exactly Like Windows 7!

Windows 8 Is Exactly Like Windows 7

Windows 8 is exactly like Windows 7!

Many of you will experience Windows 8 for the first time on a desktop computer or notebook. This article is for you.

With some very simple customizing, you will initially spend 99% of your time working on a desktop that has been intentionally designed to look like a Windows 7 desktop. […] continued

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Windows 8: The View From 36,000 Feet

Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 is a term that will be used to refer to several different things. It is the next operating system for Windows computers, but you’ll also see the name used loosely to describe a tablet operating system, a phone operating system, the environment for apps that run on those different platforms, and the design aesthetic that Microsoft is using for the operating systems, for apps, and for its online services. […] continued

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Windows 8: The Shift To Mobile Devices

Windows 8: The Shift to Mobile Devices

In order to understand why Microsoft has created Windows 8, you have to look at the long-term, fundamental change in the way the world uses technology.

We are in the middle of a massive structural shift from computers to phones and tablets. Mobile devices, not desktop computers, are the future of general-purpose computing. […] continued

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The Road To Windows 8

The Road To Windows 8

On October 25, Microsoft will formally unveil Windows 8, followed closely by a separate presentation of Windows Phone 8 on October 29. Windows 8 computers, notebooks, tablets and hybrid devices will go on sale on October 26, and Windows Phone 8 phones will go on sale through all carriers in early November. […] continued

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Use InPrivate To Manage Multiple Online Identities

Internet Explorer - InPrivate

Here’s a tip for anyone who runs into trouble juggling multiple identities in Internet Explorer. Most of you can look away and stop taking notes – this is extra credit material and won’t be on the test. This is primarily of interest to anyone who provides tech support.


Internet Explorer and Windows are designed to remember logon credentials. […] continued

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Microsoft Does Not Call To Fix Your PC

Tech support phone call scam

A few days ago I was contacted by a woman who had been tricked by a phone caller pretending to represent Microsoft. The caller claimed that her computer had viruses on it and convinced her to give up a credit card number as well as letting the caller make a remote connection to her computer. […] continued

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‘Tis The Season For New Software

Software upgrades for business

As we head into the fall, the software publishers are lining up their annual updated versions of the core Windows programs for businesses. Here are some of the ones that have come up on my radar screen.

  • Microsoft Windows 8  The official unveiling is October 26. I’ve been running Windows 8 on all my computers for months.
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