Windows 8 Tablet/Notebook Mash-ups

Windows 8 hybrid tablet/notebook - Microsoft Surface

Manufacturers are showing off upcoming Windows 8 devices for the first time at a trade show in Berlin this week. In a couple of months you’re going to be walking down store aisles full of odd devices with screens and keyboards that twist and turn and swivel and detach and slip in every direction. […] continued

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Sixty Days Of Technology


Get some popcorn, keep a grip on your wallet, and settle down. The action is about to begin.

There are big changes coming up in the world of mobile devices, and the thrilling conclusion will affect your computers as well when Microsoft officially releases Windows 8.

Here’s a look at what lies ahead. […] continued

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Outlook Archives: Litigation Hold And Third-Party Archiving

Archived mail and Office 365 litigation hold

Outlook Archives: AutoArchiving And Archive.PST Files
Outlook Archives: Office 365 Personal Archives (And The Devil In The Details)

There are two other things to mention briefly about different ways to archive your Outlook mailbox.

Litigation Hold

I have been asked whether it’s possible to prevent employees from deleting or changing anything in their mail folders. […] continued

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Outlook Archives: Office 365 Personal Archives (And The Devil In The Details)

Office 365 personal archives - the devil is in the details

Previously: Outlook Archives: AutoArchiving And Archive.PST Files

In this article: information about Office 365 personal archives; the detail that might keep you from setting up that archive; quick thoughts about buying licenses for Office as a subscription; and notes for Office 365 administrators about setting up personal archives.

Get some coffee and dive in! […] continued

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Outlook Archives: AutoArchiving And Archive.PST Files

Outlook Archives: AutoArchive And Archive.PST Files

If you’re in a small business using Outlook, your mailbox has probably been growing exponentially for years. Your gut instinct is to keep everything forever but Outlook is slowing down and your IT support people seem upset because maintaining Outlook becomes more difficult as your mailbox grows, for all kinds of reasons. […] continued

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Just Another Week In Technology

Increasing speed of new technology

The pace is picking up as we head into full-blown techno-craziness this fall.

WINDOWS 8 This morning the shipping version of Windows 8 became available to Microsoft TechNet and MSDN subscribers. The download site generated error messages for an hour or so under the weight of the people trying to log in but they got it under control and I’m downloading Windows 8 in the background as I write this. […] continued Read more

Business-Focused Notebooks And Tablets From Lenovo

Lenovo Windows 8 tablet

Lenovo is stepping to the front of the pack with new laptops and tablets that look just right for small businesses. The Lenovo lineup of Ultrabooks, thin and light notebooks, is more interesting than any other manufacturer now, and the upcoming products for Windows 8 look compelling. I’m going to encourage my clients to look beyond Dell for a change. […] continued

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Share Plans And Mobile Broadband Devices

Verizon & AT&T share plans - unlimited calls & text, shared data

Verizon and AT&T are both offering new share plans that allow all of the family devices to share unlimited calls, unlimited texting, and a pool of data that can be used by up to 10 devices – smartphones, tablets, and PCs. If you already have a number of devices with individual data plans, one of the share plans might save you some money, and it makes it tempting to get more broadband devices in the future. […] continued

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The Evolution Of Skydrive

The evolution of Microsoft Skydrive

Microsoft’s vision for Skydrive is starting to come into focus. Microsoft is integrating Skydrive deeply into its entire ecosystem, across its entire product line, until it will seem obvious and inevitable. You might not need to rush but the chances are that you’ll be using Skydrive before long.

Skydrive started as a place to store files online that you would primarily access through a web browser. […] continued

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Microsoft Reinvents Hotmail As

Microsoft Reinvents Hotmail As

When Microsoft realized that it was on the verge of missing the implications of the Internet, it famously turned the company around in the mid-90s, building web access into all of its products and working out the implications of online access more thoroughly than anyone else.

The turnaround that Microsoft is engaged in this year might be even more impressive. […] continued

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Introducing Bruceb Cloud Backup v.2

Bruceb Cloud Backup - secure monitored online backups for small business

I am happy to announce a major update to Bruceb Cloud Backup, now offering monitored online backups for small businesses and home offices with increased storage and lower prices plus new features and improved, easy-to-use software. One thing hasn’t changed: it’s monitored and supported by Bruceb Consulting, and I’m dedicated to protecting you and your data. […] continued

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