Smartphone Reality Check

Samsung Galaxy v. Apple iPhone

The most successful smartphone manufacturer in the world sold more than twice as many phones as its nearest competitor in the second quarter of 2012. In fact, it increased its lead last quarter, when the second-place manufacturer saw sales start to slip.

Quick! Without looking, who finished first?

It was Samsung, of course – by any measure, the world’s largest maker of smartphones. […] continued

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Alt Keyboard Shortcuts In Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 - keyboard shortcuts and the Alt key

Here’s a small tip that might open up some hidden secrets of Office 2010 and Windows 7.

Some people prefer to use the keyboard as often as possible when they’re working in Word or Excel to avoid the delay required to move a hand to the mouse.

Windows and Office are filled with keyboard shortcuts but many of them require memorizing the right key combinations, and very few people are willing to study lists of shortcuts to find something useful. […] continued

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Microsoft Reinvents Office For The Cloud

Microsoft Office 2013 - Microsoft reinvents Office for the cloud

When Microsoft Office 2013 is released early next year, it will cap off an exhilarating period in which Microsoft is showing an unexpected willingness to reinvent its entire product lineup to address new tech realities.

It takes time to understand just how thoroughly the Office lineup has been re-engineered but let’s start with a reassuring note. […] continued

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Bruceb Leaves You Stranded 07/16-07/26

Higgs Boson & Flying Spaghetti Monster - coincidence?

Loyal friends and clients know that each summer I leave them confused and helpless while I fly away to earn Continuing Technical Education credits. This year’s symposium promises to be particularly exciting, a ten-day conference entitled “Cloud Computing And The Higgs Boson: See Me, Hear Me, Fermi.” Each attendee will receive a Higgs boson to take home in a hermetically sealed jar, autographed by their namesake, Dr. […] continued

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How To Identify An Ivy Bridge Processor

Intel Ivy Bridge processors - how to identify

The market for Windows notebooks has begun its transition to new models built on Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors. New products are appearing daily and older models are being upgraded or replaced. Since shopping is a little confusing right now, I’ll try to give you the short course about what you’re looking for. […] continued

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Microsoft Reshapes The Server Market

windowsserver2012logoWindows 8 will get all the press attention when it is released in October but Microsoft is also making deep changes to its server operating systems. Last week it announced details about the Windows Server 2012 lineup and again showed a willingness to shake up the market and send a message about Microsoft’s commanding lead in business technology. […] continued

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DNSChanger Malware And Internet Doomsday




Lock the doors! Hide the children in the root cellar! Stock up on canned food! DNSChanger is coming and it’s Internet Doomsday!

If you see any of this coverage – which is now distressingly widespread – you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is actually an important security issue that requires action. […] continued

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Microsoft Will Offer Discounts On Windows 8 Upgrades


Microsoft announced today that almost everyone will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for $39.99 for the first few months after it is released. That is far less than Microsoft has ever charged in the past for a Windows upgrade. It’s an uncharacteristically aggressive move for Microsoft, which seems energized by its do-or-die attempt to create a platform that will work seamlessly across all of your devices, big and small. […] continued

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