Technical Notes About Dropbox, Google Drive And Skydrive

Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive technical notes

Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive: Send In The Clones

This is not an exhaustive list, just a few things that stand out about the cloud syncing services in their current forms. None of these is a reason to choose one or the other service, they’re just interesting things to know. […] continued

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Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive: Send In The Clones

Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive - send in the clones

Microsoft and Google each introduced services this week that are copies of Dropbox in rather precise detail.

Taken together, these services represent a fundamental change in the way we use technology. Here’s my best effort to sum it up:

Storing files on one device or in one physical location is now just another option – and not a very useful one. […] continued

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Getting Through A Transitional Year


Let’s gather up all the things that are on the verge of changes large and small. It covers just about every category.

The common thread is that not one of them is ready now.

Everything is in play. Anything that you buy now will seem like a poor decision in hindsight within a short time. […] continued

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The Auto-Complete Address List And Suggested Contacts In Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 auto-complete address list

When you start to type an address in a new Outlook email message, a menu drops down listing addresses that you’ve sent a message to in the past – the “auto-complete” list. You can send most messages by typing a few letters of someone’s name and hitting the Enter key when the right choice appears. […] continued

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iCloud, Outlook And Exchange

Apple iCloud, Outlook and Exchange

Syncing Contacts And Appointments With Smartphones

Apple introduced the iCloud service last summer. It is a brilliant, intuitive way to move photos from iPhones to iPads and computers, and it’s the engine to transfer information about your music library so you can play music from an iTunes collection on your iPhone and iPad. […] continued

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Syncing Contacts And Appointments With Smartphones

Calendar and contacts sync

Syncing your data among your computers and mobile devices is going to be the source of much frustration and gnashing of teeth over the next couple of years. You’re going to want to set things up very carefully to avoid nasty side effects.

Your digital life is getting more complicated. iPhones and iPads and Android phones want to be helpful by syncing everything in all directions. […] continued

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Life Without The Network

Life Without The Network - Dilbert

Boing Boing has an article about the aftereffects of a hacking attack on the Economic Development Administration, a small division of the Department of Commerce. The network was quarantined and all the computers were shut down.

The unexpected result is that the department appears to be functioning just fine. “Remarkably, despite the return to pre-historic fax-machine technology, the EDA seems to be functioning fairly well, perhaps even better in some ways. […] continued

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Outlook Web App For Office 365

Office 365 - Outlook Web App

Small businesses and law firms are finding that Microsoft’s Exchange mailboxes hosted by Office 365 are secure and stable. One of the best features is the improved experience with Outlook Web App, webmail that has been designed to have as much of the look and functionality of Outlook as possible. […] continued

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Mac Gets A Virus (And Other Apple Woes)

Mac - Flashback malware virus

A nasty bit of malware named “Flashback” has reportedly infected 600,000 Macs worldwide, more than half located in the US. Here’s some news coverage when the announcement was made last week by a Russian security company, followed by corroboration by Kaspersky Lab.

Apple is gaining market share, which inevitably will draw attention from bad guys. […] continued

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The Latest Toys

Ultrabooks - HP Envy Spectre 14

New toys are coming on the market, just as promised. As you look at them, keep in mind that this is only the beginning. This is a transition year that will be filled with new products, each one looking better/cheaper/shinier than the one before it.


By summer the shelves will be full of 13” ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight notebook computers. […] continued

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A User’s Guide To The Bruceb Favorites Page

Bruceb Favorites - everyone's favorite home page

My loyal friends and clients know that I am inordinately proud of the Bruceb Favorites page. I want to show it off to all the new subscribers to the Bruceb News mailing list.

The Bruceb Favorites page is a simple directory of obvious places. It has links to five hundred web sites and online services, organized in twenty-four categories. […] continued

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