Happy Holidays From Bruceb Consulting!


Best wishes for a happy and healthy and prosperous 2012!

This has been a fast-moving year in technology, continuing the movement away from dependence on individual PCs and towards multiple devices and towards the cloud. There are new challenges, new buzzwords, new tools, and a flood of new companies / names / programs / services / devices that feels overwhelming. […] continued

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Create A Windows 7 Library For Dropbox

Create a Windows 7 Library for Dropbox

Many Dropbox users quickly start to store all interesting files in their Dropbox folders, especially current files that are being used on more than one computer. The faster you can get to your Dropbox folders, the easier it is to use.

Here’s a tip about using Windows 7’s libraries for quicker access to your Dropbox folders – and perhaps it will give you some other ideas about how to use libraries. […] continued

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Disassembling An External Hard Drive

Disassembling an external hard drive

External USB hard drives are everywhere. All of you have one or two set up for backups of each computer, right? Many of you also use them for saving video and photo collections that are too big for the hard drive in your computer.

(If you’re shopping, you’ll find that hard drive prices are skyrocketing, almost double what they were a few months ago. […] continued

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The Future Of SMB IT Consulting (a.k.a. Advertisements For Myself)


Live Tech Support From Microsoft Answer Desk
The Changing Landscape For SMB IT Consultants

Lots of forces are combining to change the services that you need for your small business or law firm, and at first glance most of them appear to limit my usefulness. You can get cloud services that don’t require ongoing maintenance, your devices are getting simpler and cheaper, and outsourced support is becoming available at a price that might undercut my hourly fee. […] continued

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Patch Tuesday Interlude

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released a particularly large crop of patches and updates on Tuesday. Your computer probably restarted on Tuesday or Wednesday night.

If you’re a subscriber to the Bruceb Remote Management service, your computer is also installing additional Microsoft updates that were released at the same time as the critical updates sent through Microsoft’s Automatic Updates system. […] continued

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The Changing Landscape For SMB IT Consultants


When Microsoft announced that it will provide free or cheap support for Windows and Office and common computer problems, it wasn’t a surprise for any IT consultant who’s been paying attention.

This is a look behind the scenes, some thoughts about the trends that are changing the landscape for IT consultants. […] continued

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Live Tech Support From Microsoft Answer Desk

Microsoft Answer Desk

A few days ago Microsoft launched Answer Desk with little fanfare – no press release, just a new web site ( offering live technical support for Windows and Office, plus PC tuneups, virus removal, and software training – 24×7, 365 days/year.

It might be your new best friend, it might disappear without a trace. […] continued

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The Growing Popularity Of Reddit

Reddit growing in popularity

Reddit has become one of the most popular sites on the Internet. It didn’t happen overnight – Reddit has been around for five years – but 2011 is when it came into its own and became a social force.

It is a firehose of posts submitted by its users, loosely organized into “subreddits” in bewildering complexity. […] continued

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The Joy Of Managed Online Backups

Bruceb Cloud Backup - online backup and recovery

We’re all busy. Life is full of choices about what deserves attention and what should be passed off to someone else.

The Bruceb Cloud Backup service is managed and monitored. When you sign up for Bruceb Cloud Backup, I watch your backups remotely. If there’s a problem, I fix it. […] continued

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Windows 7 Tips For Power Searches

Windows 7 Tips For Power Searches


Windows 7 Search
More About Windows 7 Search

Windows 7 Searches – Small Business
Windows 7 Searches – Libraries
Windows 7 Searches – Search Techniques

SUMMARY: Once you have some experience with Windows 7 searches, Mark Minasi has some tips for power users here.

Old Windows XP computers are falling over left and right, meaning every day people are being exposed to Windows 7 for the first time. […] continued

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The Sad Decline Of JungleDisk

Jungledisk - loss of confidence

(Update 09/2017: Jungle Disk is a much different company in 2017 than when I wrote this article. Think of this as a snapshot in time, but don’t let it influence you if you are evaluating them many years later – everything has changed. Jungle Disk lives on with new owners and new products.)

Bruceb Cloud Backup exists in part because I lost confidence in JungleDisk, the online backup service that I was using for myself and several clients. […] continued

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