Law Firms In The Cloud: Rocket Matter

Law Firms In The Cloud - Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter is one of the most likable online services for small law offices. It handles case management, timekeeping, and billing in clean, well-designed screens presented in a web browser, with all data stored online. Take a few minutes and sign up for a demo! It’s an easy, pleasant way to get an idea of how an online program can take over functions that have traditionally been done by programs installed on your local computer. […] continued

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Law Firms In The Cloud: Credenza

Law Firms In The Cloud

Small law offices have had few appealing options for case management and billing in the last few years. The only choices have been old warhorses that are showing their age badly, with interfaces that were obviously designed decades ago, and in some cases running on databases that are long obsolete. […] continued

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Three New Lightweight Notebooks

Ultralight notebooks - Lenovo Ideapad U300S

Attentive readers will recall that a new platform for thin and light notebooks was announced by Intel a couple of months ago. The first Ultrabook notebooks are hitting the market in November. I haven’t seen these in person but they strike me as being good representatives of what everyone should be looking for in a notebook these days. […] continued

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New iPhone, New Android Phones, New Windows Phones

Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich

A new model of phone has been introduced roughly every day in 2011 but none of them have been very interesting.

Until now. Let’s take a look at three big developments in the phone world.

(Fair warning: I do not have any personal experience with any of these phones. They undoubtedly have quirks and limitations and exciting bits that might flavor your experience. […] continued

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Dropbox–Tech’s Hottest Startup

Forbes - Dropbox - Tech's Hottest Startup

Sync Files With Dropbox
Dropbox For iPad, Android
Dropbox, Androids, And Security
Dropbox Updated To Version 1.0
Sharing Files With Dropbox

Dropbox is profiled in the cover story in this week’s issue of Forbes. Since many of you rely on Dropbox, you might find it interesting – and perhaps reassuring – to read the article and confirm that Dropbox is a well-capitalized, well-run company with elegantly simple technology and a profitable business plan. […] continued

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Improved Wireless Performance And Range With Cisco Business Products

Cisco WAP4410W wireless access point

Recently I set up a Cisco RV220W wireless router, and a Cisco WAP4410N wireless access point. They are part of Cisco’s small business line and cost roughly twice as much as comparable consumer products – roughly $260 for the router, for example.

The wireless range extended far beyond my expectations. […] continued

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Operating System Market Share Might Be Different Than You Think

OS market share - Apple vs Windows

Apple’s brilliant success since Steve Jobs returned in 1997 has made it the largest company in the world by almost any measure, with a market capitalization that exceeds Microsoft and Intel combined. iPhones define the smartphone market, even if they do not completely dominate it now that Android has taken the lead in market share. […] continued

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PayPal Messages Cause Outlook To Hang

Paypal messages cause Outlook to hang

This is likely to be a short-lived problem but perhaps knowing about it will help a few of you avoid some anguish.

PayPal sends email messages about transactions in your PayPal account – typical formatted HTML messages with a logo and a couple of images.

Starting on Wednesday, PayPal mucked up the code in its template for some of those messages, causing one of the image links to point to a nonexistent online location. […] continued

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Privacy And Geotagged Photos

Privacy and geotagged photos

Many people instinctively protect their privacy. In their minds, it’s not anybody else’s business where they shop, who they visit, what they talk about, or what movies they watch.

The divide is getting wider between naturally private people and the rapidly growing number of people who simply do not have that instinct and are living their lives in public with no reluctance and little regret. […] continued

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Patches And Updates Are Essential To Computer Security

Computer viruses - patches and updates are essential prevention

Keeping your computer up to date with patches has become the most important element of being secure online. New studies show that fully patched systems have significantly more protection against malware spread by poisoned web sites and the other forms of viruses and malware floating around.

The monitoring and updating service that I offer for a few dollars each month is just as important for your security as your antivirus program. […] continued

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Making Millions With Scareware

Wired Magazine - How Two Scammers Built An Empire

If you’ve ever wondered what motivates the creators of malware, you should read a fascinating article by Benjamin Wallace over at, “How Two Scammers Built An Empire Hawking Sketchy Software.” It’s the story of a couple of run-of-the-mill scam artists who leveraged scareware into an underworld empire bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars a year. […] continued

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Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Part 3: Backups

Small Business Server 2011 Essentials

Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Part 1: Overview
Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Part 2: Remote Access

Small Business Server 2011 Essentials has one overlooked feature that fills an important need in most small businesses. Every night, SBS 2011 Essentials backs up all of the workstations in their entirety.

Microsoft originally developed this backup technology for Windows Home Server. […] continued

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Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Part 2: Remote Access

SBS 2011 Essentials remote web access login screen

Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Part 1: Overview

Microsoft has done more than anyone else to promote remote access to small business networks. Almost ten years ago, Small Business Server 2003 opened up Outlook Web Access and safe remote desktop access to small businesses for the first time. SBS 2008 and the various iterations of Windows Home Server refined that first portal to make it easier and cleaner and more likely to work properly. […] continued

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Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Part 1: Overview


Small businesses are finally in a position to set up Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, the perfect server for many small businesses with fewer than 25 users. Today’s technology world does not offer any one-size-fits-all solutions but SBS 2011 Essentials should at least be closely evaluated by almost anyone with 2-25 users looking either for a first server or a replacement for a dusty server in the closet. […] continued

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