Sudden Decline In Fake Antivirus Malware

Fake Antivirus Malware

The world has made a bit of temporary progress against the bad guys.

Almost every week during 2010 and the first six months of 2011, I cleaned malware off computers after it was installed by poisoned web sites. It usually started with a window designed to resemble a security program alleging to have found malware and offering to scan for it or clean it off. […] continued

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Using Adobe SendNow And YouSendIt For Large File Attachments

Adobe SendNow

It is increasingly necessary to send large file attachments by email. It continues to be a bad idea! It clogs up your mailbox and slows down your mail server and generates endless frustration when messages don’t arrive – but none of that matters. Businesses are creating larger and larger files and email is the way business is done, whether I like it from a technical perspective or not. […] continued

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Customized Ribbons In Office 2010

Word 2010 Customized Favorites Ribbon

Office 2007 introduced ribbons to replace menus in Word, Excel, and most of the other programs, much to the consternation of old-timers. Since then, Microsoft has adopted ribbons for almost all of its software; the sweeping redesign of the Office programs was completed when Outlook got its ribbon in 2010.

The ribbons in each of the Office 2010 programs are customizable. […] continued

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Free Windows 7 And Office 365 eBooks From Microsoft Press


Microsoft Press has two quite useful books for you to download, absolutely free. The books are in PDF format, fully searchable and easy to read onscreen. (Don’t print them. It misses the point.)

The Windows 7 Power Users Guide by Mike Halsey is packed with illustrations and diagrams and guides that cover all the important Windows 7 features. […] continued

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Convert PDFs To Word Documents With Adobe ExportPDF

Adobe ExportPDF export to Word

Adobe has created a web-based tool for converting PDFs to Word documents. It’s so inexpensive that you might find a reason to sign up.

Adobe ExportPDF has a single function: visit and upload a PDF; the web service will convert it into a Word .DOCX file that you can download to your computer, with anywhere from good to very good OCR results. […] continued

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Installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1


If Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is shown as an Important update, follow these steps to install it. Your computer will be tied up for 45 minutes.

  • Restart your computer.
  • Don’t start any other programs.
  • Click on the Start button, type in update and click on Windows Update.
  • Check the box to install the service pack.
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Outages Happen


On August 10, the main data center for Exchange Defender suffered a catastrophic power failure. Clients using the spam filtering service had their incoming and outgoing mail interrupted or massively slowed for most of a day, and hosted mailboxes went offline for as long as two days.

On August 17, Microsoft Office 365 had an outage after an unspecified failure in a major North American server center. […] continued

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Microsoft’s Missing Small Business Servers


In April, with little fanfare, Microsoft released three new server products to manufacturing and to the hardware vendors: Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Windows Home Server 2011, and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.

Small Business Server 2011 Essentials is so well-designed and fits its niche so perfectly that I expected that it would become the standard platform for many very small businesses, as ubiquitous as SBS 2003 was in its day. […] continued

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The Reality Of Switching From A PC To A Mac


Don’t underestimate how much you’ve learned about using Windows.

Over the years I’ve been asked the same question frequently: “Should I switch to a Mac?”

Not very much has changed about my answer. I work mostly with small businesses and law firms, and there are mundane, practical reasons to stay in the Windows world. […] continued

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Opt Out Of Being Used For LinkedIn Advertisements


[Addendum 08/13: after a day of harsh criticism, LinkedIn yanked the photos and names from their ads. There is still a checkmark that you might want to uncheck but it doesn’t feel as invasive any more.]

When web companies look at you, they don’t see people, they see wallets. […] continued

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Dell Upgrades Specs For New Ultralight Vostro V131


Dell has upgraded the specs for the new Vostro V131, the latest version of its standout ultra-thin, ultra-light 13.3” notebook.

The styling is very similar to the Vostro V130 (and the beloved previous generation Vostro V13), but under the hood a number of things have been bumped up – Sandy Bridge Core i3 and i5 processors, USB 3.0 […] continued

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GoDaddy, Slow WordPress Hosting, And Sexist Hunters


I have a story about web hosting.

When you visit, all the pages pop into place instantly. Do a search or click on a link and you’ll see the result right away. That’s what you expect from a web site, right?

Until last week, that’s not what you got from my news page. […] continued

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Exactly twenty years ago the World Wide Web opened to the public.

Yesterday, crack web site designer Andrew Berls finished work on the refresh of

Those things aren’t related, I just thought it made the web site redesign sound more important. But the redesign does give me an excuse to give you a tour of some of the things we’re doing at the global headquarters of Bruceb Consulting! […] continued

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lynda-com is a learning and training site with video tutorials to teach software skills. It has courses at all levels, from novice to expert, and it covers a wide variety of programs and subjects with something for almost everyone, from photography hobbyists to business and graphics professionals.

I’m frequently asked where to find help or how to get started with a program. […] continued

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Bruceb Consulting Web Site Update Arrives Next Week


If all goes well, you’ll see and wearing shiny new clothes next week after being redesigned top to bottom by Andrew Berls, who has been slaving away for weeks on a long overdue rewrite. If you use the Favorites page as your home page, you’ll be very happy with the updated version, I think. […] continued

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