Office 365 Part 1 – Overview


Microsoft Office 365 is now available for small businesses. It is the most visible part of Microsoft’s efforts to migrate from shrink-wrapped software to services delivered online – “cloud” computing, in the current catchphrase.

There is something of interest in Office 365 for almost every small business. I expect this to occupy much of my time in 2011 and 2012. […] continued

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Botched Updates From Microsoft And Adobe


Did your computer start last night? Mine did! Boy, was I surprised! Ha ha!

No, seriously, I was surprised. And sometimes I don’t like surprises.


Microsoft automatically installs updates on the second Tuesday of each month. It occasionally pushes out more patches two weeks later, as it did this month. […] continued

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Microsoft Introduces Office 365


Tomorrow morning at 7am PDT, Steve Ballmer will host a webcast announcing the general availability of Office 365, Microsoft’s next generation of online services. This is a huge undertaking by Microsoft to convince small and medium businesses to move their mail, documents, and communications to hosted servers run by Microsoft. […] continued

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Apple iCloud And Photo Syncing


The new service announced by Apple for syncing photos among different devices is one of the most interesting parts of the iCloud package, both for what it does and for what it leaves out.

The idea is simple: each photo you take with your iPhone or iPad will automatically be sent online and then synced with your other Apple devices and your computers running iTunes. […] continued

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Microsoft Online Services–Again? Really?


Microsoft’s hosted Exchange mail service went down again this morning. Apparently service is now restored and most people are able to get back online, as of about 10:45am.

I haven’t lost faith in this service – it has too many advantages for that. But there have been several outages in the last six months, which doesn’t meet my expectations or your needs. […] continued

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iCloud And The Competing Paths To The Future


Apple’s announcement of a collection of services sharing the name “iCloud” has generated endless articles about what it all means. I’ll talk about some of the details in the next few days but let’s step back and look at the bigger picture, because it encapsulates so many things that are happening right before your eyes. […] continued

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Life Off The Grid


Greetings from Flat Creek Ranch, a bit of paradise at the end of a truly fearsome jeep trail, where the sun came out to celebrate our arrival and wonderful people are standing by to give us good food and take us on adventures. I will come back with stories of hikes and horses and canoes and snowshoes. […] continued

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One More Note About OneNote


If you have a new computer with Microsoft Office 2010, you should spend a few minutes figuring out Microsoft OneNote 2010, one of the great programs of our time. I’ve written about it before – there’s an introduction to it here, and some information about sharing notebooks here. Open the program and spend time with the default notebook with startup tips, or go to the Microsoft website and watch some videos and tutorials. […] continued

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Dell Inspiron Zino HD Home Media Center PC


The little box in the picture to the left measures eight inches across and just over three inches tall. It’s quiet and inexpensive. In this difficult world of technology, the best I can tell you is that it might be just what you’re looking for.

The Dell Inspiron Zino HD is a compact little computer that is best used for a single purpose: to bring your photos, music, and videos to the big screen TV in your living room. […] continued

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The Fragmented Tech Landscape


Not everything works with everything else.

Your expectations have changed so quickly that you might not have noticed. It wasn’t long ago that most people used a single PC at a single location and were content to leave the data on that computer behind when they left that desk. When you closed Outlook on the office computer, you didn’t expect to open up the same mailbox at home. […] continued

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Bruceb Retreats To The Fortress Of Solitude 06/10-06/24


Loyal clients know that every year I take a two week sabbatical in the Fortress Of Solitude, honing my technical skills in utter seclusion and emerging stronger than ever and ready to take your business to a higher level of Techno-Awesomeness.

That’s the theory. It’s good, isn’t it? Let’s gloss over the sad reality – I’m just abandoning you for a family vacation that I will spend wandering aimlessly around some hills. […] continued

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Adobe Smooths Out Licenses, Introduces Software Subscriptions


Almost everyone has to do business with Adobe at some point. Businesses and law firms rely on Acrobat to scan documents and manage the ubiquitous PDF file format. Adobe products continue to be the basic tools for artists, photographers, web designers, and graphics professionals.

It’s a frustrating company.

  • Malware authors have been able to take advantage of security problems in Acrobat and Adobe Reader and create evil PDF files to distribute malware.
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