Creating New Word Documents From Existing Documents


Every Word user does it the same way: open an old document and resolve to click on “Save As” and save it with a different name so the original file is untouched.

Instead you edit the file, let your concentration slip, and hit “Save” instead of “Save As.” Poof! goes the original version of the file, replaced with today’s edited version. […] continued

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Dell’s New Ultrathin XPS 15z


Dell introduced the XPS 15z this week, a new ultrathin 15” notebook for $999. It might be exactly right for many people – a bigger screen than the 13” Vostro V130 and a much more reasonable price tag than the gorgeous Samsung Series 9.

Apple has once again provided the inspiration for the design. […] continued

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Apple Responds To “MacDefender” Malware


For years, Windows users have felt persecuted by malware authors. Why weren’t Macs getting hit with viruses and poisoned web sites?

The standard wisdom was that Macs didn’t have a big enough market share to hold the interest of the bad guys. To be honest, PC users kind of hoped that was true, because the alternative was to admit that Windows was inherently more vulnerable than OS X. […] continued

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Windows 7 Is Safer Than Windows XP


Say Goodbye To Six Year Old Computers

Windows XP computers are falling over left and right. Many of them are simply insufferably slow for all the reasons I wrote about last fall. Windows XP is a much heavier, slower OS than when it was first released, and six year old computers simply don’t have the processing power to run Windows XP at acceptable speed after years of security updates and patches. […] continued

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Not All Google Search Results Are Equal

Eli Pariser – Online searches and filter bubbles – TED

Eli Pariser gave a fascinating talk at TED this year with some new information about online searches. It’s well worth nine minutes of your time. Here’s the link to the video if it doesn’t appear above.

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook – all of them are working very hard to show you things that are precisely designed for you. […] continued

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Tech Tips And Tricks From David Pogue


Everyone might get something useful out of David Pogue’s column today for the New York Times, a collection of tips and tricks for cellphones and computers. Some of them are basic, some won’t apply, but I’ll bet you find a pearl or two that give you an “A Ha!” moment. […] continued

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Whining About Wireless – The Home Edition


Whining About Wireless

I’ll tell you a story about my own experience. You won’t learn anything and there’s not a happy ending, but perhaps it will give you a little perspective on why I’m not urging you to ditch your wires and set up wireless everywhere.

I’ve had a wireless access point at the global headquarters of Bruceb Consulting for a long time. […] continued

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Whining About Wireless


When you have a choice between running a cable and relying on a wireless connection, you simply must not consider them to be equal choices. The reliability of a wired connection seriously tilts the scales. I have told my clients for years that the equation is simple: people with wireless connections call me for help; people with wires don’t. […] continued

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Microsoft Apologizes For Problems With Hosted Exchange Mail Service


Microsoft’s hosted Exchange service wobbled badly this week, with an extended outage on Tuesday and more delays on Thursday. Messages were stuck in outboxes and there were long delays for mail in transit.

The head of the engineering department responsible for BPOS wrote a long apology and explanation this evening with details about the outages. […] continued

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Why Did Samsung Turn Off The Windows 7 Search Service On The Series 9?


Enable Outlook 2010 Search And Indexing On Windows 7

I love my new Samsung Series 9 laptop even more now that I have finally put to rest the arcane issue that I described here.  I’ll put down some geeky details for people who might stumble on this in a Google search. […] continued

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Installing Internet Explorer 9


Battle Of The Browser Updates
Comparing The New Internet Browsers
Syncing Bookmarks And Favorites With Firefox 4 And Chrome 10
Syncing Bookmarks And Favorites With Internet Explorer 9

Windows 7 and Vista users are also likely to be seeing prompts to install Internet Explorer 9. Like Windows 7 Service Pack 1, IE9 will not be installed automatically by Windows or by my monitoring service. […] continued

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Microsoft Online Services – Mail Delays


Clients with mail hosted by Microsoft Online Services are experiencing mail delays, both sending and receiving. It began this morning and apparently is a system-wide problem. Some mail began erratically flowing in and out at about 1pm, so you may see messages come trickling in that were originally sent hours ago. […] continued

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Installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1


If you have a computer running Windows 7, then you probably have seen a balloon popping up from the lower right corner alerting you that there are Important Updates waiting to be installed. One of them is Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

Things to know:

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 will only be installed when you take care of it manually.
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Happy Mother’s Day!


My mother Helen Berls has friends all over the world. Maybe you’ve met someone like her. You’re on a cruise, or visiting somewhere exotic on a tour, or standing in line, or sharing a table for dinner, and you find yourself in easy conversation with someone who’s interested in you and tells funny stories and makes you feel warm and comfortable right away. […] continued

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LastPass Is Hacked – But Don’t Panic!


If you are a LastPass user, you may be required to change your master password. You will be prompted by the program if that’s necessary – for example, you may see the red browser toolbar pictured below. When you log in again, you’ll be led through a short process to pick a new master password. […] continued

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