Wolfgang’s Vault Now Playing Concert Videos


One of the interesting mysteries of our time is how Wolfgang’s Vault has been able to stream live performances by hundreds of artists for the last few years, in an era where record labels have fought so bitterly to keep us from hearing music in the name of “copyright.” Apparently Bill Graham signed contracts with different terms than other promoters, giving him liberal rights to rebroadcast the audio and video of the shows, and his successors have been able to capitalize on that. […] continued

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Samsung Series 9 And The Power Of Elegance


The Samsung Series 9 combines elegant design, advanced engineering, and uncompromising peformance in a stylish ultralight, ultraslim premium laptop. It stands alone at the top of the Windows laptop market. Samsung might not be the first name you think of in notebook manufacturers but the company poured money into developing the Series 9 in the hope that it would draw attention to the entire Samsung notebook line. […] continued

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Why A Computer Is Like A Ballpoint Pen


Fountain pens overcame early technical limitations and began to be mass-produced in the 1870s. During the next few decades there was a steady stream of improvements, technical innovations and new materials that caused them to become commonplace items in offices. Luxury pens were prized possessions. Executives would display their best pens in special holders on their desks. […] continued

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What I Use


I updated the “What I Use” page on the bruceb.com web site, where I describe the hardware, software, and web services running the enormous Bruceb Consulting empire. Why in the world would you want to read that? No, wait, that’s not rhetorical, I really don’t know the answer. But there it is, just in case. […] continued

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Dropbox Fixes Security Issue For Mobile Devices


Sync Files With Dropbox
Dropbox For iPad, Android
Dropbox, Androids, And Security
Dropbox Updated To Version 1.0
Sharing Files With Dropbox

Last summer I put Dropbox on my Android phone, then panicked when I realized confidential documents were unsecured and only a click away on a device that was easy to misplace. […] continued

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Fun New Game! Find The Missing Toolbar In Acrobat X


Fun for the whole family! Try to figure out where the toolbars are that appear and disappear in Adobe Acrobat X when you open a PDF file in your web browser!

SUMMARY: When you open a PDF in your web browser after installing Acrobat X, it may not have any toolbar across the top for saving or printing the file. […] continued

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Rules for Computer Safety 2011


These are the rules for being safe using a Windows computer in 2011. Memorize them, tape them to your refrigerator, pass them on to your friends!

Install updates from Microsoft promptly. Look in the lower right corner for the gold shield (WinXP) or update icon (Win7/Vista).

Install updates to Acrobat, Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, and Quicktime promptly. […] continued

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Microsoft Delivers A Great iPad App


The iPad was not the first tablet on the market. Microsoft was one of the first companies to deliver a tablet, with the first prototype demonstrated more than ten years ago. No one cared.

Apple created the demand for the iPad more or less from scratch, leaving Microsoft looking completely helpless. […] continued

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Your Computer Will Restart Tonight


A large collection of patches and updates will be delivered tonight, Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of the month. Last month was a paltry bunch of updates, not really worth mentioning, but this month brings 17 security bulletins fixing 64 different vulnerabilities, the most ever fixed in one month. […] continued

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Google, Speech Recognition, And Android Phones


A fascinating article in Slate this morning about Google’s research in speech recognition.

If you’ve got an Android phone, try this: Hit the microphone icon on the home screen, then ask, "How many angstroms in a mile?" Use your normal speaking voice—don’t speak slowly or strain to over-pronounce "angstrom." So long as you have a good Internet connection, the phone shouldn’t take more than a second to recognize your question and shoot back a reply: 1.609344

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Enable Outlook 2010 Search And Indexing On Windows 7


I fixed a problem today with Outlook 2010 that has never come up before and won’t have any relevance to any of you. This description may help someone who finds it in a Google search – and it will serve as yet another illustration of how our lives are getting more complicated, not less, as time goes on. […] continued

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Quickbooks And The Online Payments Annoyance


How are we supposed to use our computers without screaming?

I installed an update for Quickbooks 2010 in March. Perfectly typical for Quickbooks – when I clicked on the icon to start the program, a window appeared asking permission to install something, with absolutely no information about what the effect of the update would be. […] continued

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