Windows 7 Service Pack 1 – Ready To Install, But No Rush


If your computer is running Windows 7, you will find Windows 7 Service Pack 1 waiting in the queue in Windows Update.

Here are the things you need to know.

  • You should install Windows 7 Service Pack 1.
  • You will not notice any difference after it’s installed.
  • It will take 30-45 minutes to install.
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Capturing A Web Page Using Acrobat Pro


[UPDATE to yesterday’s article about a printer bug in the Adobe Acrobat and Reader 9.4.2 patch: Adobe’s tech support note was updated last night with a small program that automatically fixes the problem. If you experience a problem printing from Acrobat after installing the 9.4.2 update, go here and run the AdobePatchApplication.exe […] continued

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Printer Bug In Adobe Acrobat 9.4.2 Update


Adobe has distinguished itself yet again by issuing an update with a flaw that breaks the ability to print from Acrobat in certain cases.

Sigh. Acrobat is so useful! Wouldn’t it be nice if was also developed by a company that treated us fairly and had a clue about how to program? […] continued

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Looking Forward: Hosted Windows 7 Computing


Feeling confident about your ability to keep up with the pace of change? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Small businesses will soon have the option to have all of their computing power hosted offsite. No servers in the closet; no workstations under the desks. Onsite you’ll have a monitor, a keyboard and mouse, and a fast Internet connection. […] continued

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Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 – Free Tool For Students


Microsoft Math was one of the components of a bigger suite marketed as Microsoft Student, introduced in 2006. At that time the main attraction was Microsoft Encarta, the rich multimedia encyclopedia that ended the reign of bound encyclopedias and flourished for more than a decade. When Encarta was discontinued two years ago, slain by the Wikipedia juggernaut, most of the pieces of Microsoft Student died with it. […] continued

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The Dark Side Of Search Engine Optimization


Google Spam
Google Spam – Google Responds

If you are interested in Search Engine Optimization and the business of running web sites, the New York Times has published a must-read article, “The Dirty Little Secrets Of Search.” The paper launched an investigation to discover why JC Penney was ranking number one in Google search results for dozens of words or phrases – “dresses,” “bedding,” “area rugs,” and many more. […] continued

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Microsoft Online Services – Changing Your Password


Fear of Exchange
Moving Mail Online With Microsoft Online Services
Details About Microsoft Online Services

Some background, then some specific instructions about how to deal with the password for Microsoft Online Services. Sections below:


Change your password with the Sign In Program

Check your password or change it online

Outlook displays “Need Password” message

Password resets


Microsoft is devoting its considerable resources to dominating the world of hosted services, starting with hosted Exchange email. […] continued

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Outlook Search Folders


Searching All Mail In Outlook
Search Tools In Outlook 2010

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Vivian Manning, IT Manager at Ontario law firm Burgar Rowe. In her blog, Small City Law Firm Tech, she’s writing articles stuffed with practical information about the programs you use every day – for anyone using a computer to get a job done, not just for lawyers. […] continued

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If You Press Cancel, The Bad Guys Will Kill Your Dog


Here’s a simple insight that bears repeating. It will help keep you safe.

Most malware is delivered by poisoned web sites that take advantage of some weakness in your system – usually because the computer is not up to date on recent patches for Windows, Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, or others. […] continued

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A Cautionary Note About The Verizon iPhone


The iPhone will be available from Verizon in a few days. With luck, Verizon’s network will continue to be stronger than AT&T’s network, which staggered under the traffic load generated by its iPhone users. Early users of Verizon’s iPhone claim that it does not drop calls as frequently as the AT&T version, but it’s unclear if that’s because Verizon’s network is better or because the phone was redesigned. […] continued

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LexisNexis Joins The Move To The Cloud


The Sad State Of Law Office Software
Law Office Case Management In The Cloud
Advologix Practice Management
Postscript On Cloud Computing
Everything You Want To Know About Cloud Computing

Attorneys are working from home and using notebooks on the road. They’re buying iPads for the briefcase and carrying iPhones and Android phones everywhere. […] continued

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