Watch For Microsoft Security Essentials Upgrade


If you use Microsoft Security Essentials for antivirus protection, keep an eye on the icon in the lower right. The exclamation point means it’s ready to install the upgrade to version 2, released a few weeks ago as a manual upgrade and now being rolled out to everyone using the program. […] continued

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How The Egyptian Government Turned Off The Internet


As internal unrest in Egypt worsens, the government has cut off nearly all Internet traffic into and out of the country.

A few days ago the government cut off access to social networking websites, including Facebook and Twitter. Today the entire country is offline after the four companies that handle virtually all traffic were ordered to shut down. […] continued

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Blocking The Skype Toolbar


Skype has become one of the names that almost everyone recognizes – one of the only programs with name recognition for online voice and video chats. The company is moving aggressively to make Skype available on every computer and mobile device – iPhone, iPad, Android phone, notebook, and more. […] continued

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Bruceb Consulting Monitoring – A Few More Details


Bruceb Consulting Offers New Patch Management Service

Yesterday I announced that my monitoring software will also install patches and updates for my clients. Let me give you a few more details about that service.

This works just as well for home computers and laptops. Monitoring a single home computer is easy and effective and just as important as protecting an office computer. […] continued

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Bruceb Consulting Offers New Patch Management Service


I am excited to announce a new service for all my clients – patching and updating your workstations.

Bruceb Consulting Monitoring will review and install updates to Windows, Office, Firefox, Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, and other important programs and utilities – automatically and silently.

I will review the updates that are necessary for you to be safe online, and I’ll install them on your computers. […] continued

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Google Spam – Google Responds


Previously: Google Spam

Although there had been many articles about the declining quality of Google search results in the last few weeks, Google finally issued its first official response within eight hours after my post last night. Coincidence? Well, I report, you decide, let’s leave it at that.

Google’s response comes from Matt Cutts, Principal Google Engineer, on Google’s official blog. […] continued

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Google Spam


Google search results are becoming less useful. Have you noticed?

I started thinking about this last fall, when I noticed that most of the Google alerts coming into my mailbox led to spam sites – sites with no real content other than random snippets vacuumed up from around the web and surrounded by advertising. […] continued

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Microsoft Makes OneNote Available On iPhone For Free


Microsoft announced today that it is making OneNote Mobile for the iPhone available as a free download from the iTunes store. Here’s a Microsoft blog about the new release. This has a bit of a back story that deserves telling.

OneNote basics  Every version of Microsoft Office 2010 includes OneNote – if you have a new computer, you likely have OneNote on the Start menu waiting to be discovered. […] continued Read more

A Funny Story About iPhone, iPad, And Exchange


I’m going to tell you a story about one of the little problems that came up yesterday – just a random illustration of why my hair is thin and I occasionally start openly weeping for no apparent reason.

This one happens to involve an iPhone, an iPad, and a hosted Exchange mailbox from Microsoft Online Services. […] continued

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Verizon Gets The iPhone


You probably saw the news that Verizon will begin selling a version of the iPhone that will run on its network starting February 10. We’re very conscious of Verizon’s business plans in the North Bay, since AT&T’s presence up here is feeble at best and Sprint and T-Mobile are non-starters. I’ll give you just a few extra bits of information. […] continued

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Failed Backups In Windows 7

backupwindows7-3Windows 7 has a lovely built-in backup routine – significantly improved from Vista’s backup program. You can attach an external USB hard drive and set up scheduled backups to it in a few seconds. (Windows 7 Professional can back up to a shared network folder or NAS, also.) It runs automatically and reliably, even waking the computer up from sleep if the backups are set for the middle of the night. […] continued

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Tidbits From The Consumer Electronics Show


The Consumer Electronics Show is keeping gadget freaks happy in Las Vegas this week. I can’t begin to tell you anything in depth – it is a frenzied scene, with close to a hundred thousand people looking at devices from literally thousands of exhibitors. Only a tiny handful of the items displayed will ever be important enough to come to your attention. […] continued

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How To Avoid Scams


Eric Ligman wrote an article today about avoiding scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently. One of my clients was just treated to one of them, a phone caller claiming to be “Microsoft tech support” responding to some problem in the office’s computers. It was fake, and who knows where it might have led? […] continued

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The Increasing Need For Bandwidth, Part 2


The Increasing Need For Bandwidth, Part 1

You should know the basic details of the Internet connection at your home or business.

sonicdsllevelsFind out the speed of your existing service. If you have a DSL line – typically from AT&T or Sonic, occasionally from smaller players – it has a rated speed. […] continued

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The Increasing Need For Bandwidth, Part 1


Many small businesses and homes will feel the need to increase the speed of their Internet connection in 2011.

In the late 1990s, we began the serious movement away from our dialup modems and started signing up for DSL service as it became available in selected areas. Moving from a 40K connection to a 1.5Mb connection was such a staggering improvement that many people still think of plain old DSL as a “broadband” connection, ten years later. […] continued

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