Understanding Outlook Slowdowns


These are important guidelines for Outlook users with mailboxes run by Exchange Server. I will be discussing this with my clients that have busy mailboxes!

Reduce the number of items in core folders

Outlook has five folders that are considered “core folders” or “critical path folders.” You will experience poor performance if there are too many items in those core folders. […] continued

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Windows Live Essentials 2011 Pushed As “Important” Update

windowsupdate2Previously: The Good And The Bad In Windows Live Essentials 2011

If you have Windows 7 or Vista, you might have seen the Windows Update icon down by the clock this week, alerting you to available updates. Opening Windows Update reveals an “Important Update” ready to install.

We trust Microsoft and the Automatic Updates system. […] continued

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The Good And The Bad In Windows Live Essentials 2011


The good news is that Microsoft has released Windows Live Essentials 2011, an updated collection of free programs that are well designed and useful additions to Vista and Windows 7.

The bad news is that you almost certainly don’t want all of them, and Microsoft has released them in a way that makes it more likely that you’ll install them all by accident, with some side effects that you won’t like. […] continued

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Timeslips 2011 And Windows 7


Here’s an unexpected surprise for small law offices running Timeslips.

Sage Software has learned the revenue-generating lesson taught by Intuit (Quickbooks), Lexis/Nexis (Time Matters), and many others: there’s money to be made in forcing people to buy upgrades, whether they need them or not. One way to do that is to abandon products after two years. […] continued

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IPv6 And Really Large Numbers


Previously: First Rumbling Of The Coming IPv6 Transition

In the early 90s, a bunch of smart people in a position of authority got together and put together a replacement for IPv4 named IPv6, after many committee meetings and a few false starts. Since the immediate issue was the shortage of numbers looming on the 20-year horizon, let’s look first at what they came up with to make sure we wouldn’t run out again. […] continued

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First Rumbling Of The Coming IPv6 Transition


You’re looking at a graph that will get an inordinate amount of attention in the global technical community and cause tremendous disruption for the next few years. Let me give you a very broad overview of an issue that you hope will be solved long before you ever have to know much about it. […] continued

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Ze Frank And Connections Over The Internet


Ze Frank has been doing interesting online experiments for almost ten years. He delivered a talk about some of his projects to a TED conference a few months ago; if you can find 20 minutes to watch it, you might come out feeling a little better about community and sharing and connections and what to think about the person staring at their cell phone as they walk down the street. […] continued

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A Note For Subscribers About Ze Frank And Video

Now I know the answer to a lingering question: if I embed videos into a news post and send it out to my email subscribers, the video links will just vanish. Poof! Nothing to click on.

You’ll have a better idea of what the Ze Frank post is about if you visit the news page online, where the videos should show up quite nicely. […] continued

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Surprisingly Restrained Reaction From Technology Leaders As Bruceb News Passes 2000 Articles


Ooh! A milestone! I’m sure you’re as excited as I am! This is article number 2000 in the never-ending series of Bruceb News posts!

I get such joy out of writing these articles for you, using too many words to describe things that normal people find uninteresting. There’s such a reward when I’m in the zone, able to combine being condescending on the one hand and inaccurate on the other, selflessly trying to serve my devoted audience of fifteen readers. […] continued

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DNS Servers And Problems With OpenDNS


I stand by my reconsideration of Firefox, but I think my criticism of Internet Explorer was unjust. Some of my browsing problems were likely not caused by IE at all. They appear to have been caused by OpenDNS, some settings deep in my office network that affected my Internet browsing. […] continued

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Be Ready For Patch Tuesday


Your computer will restart tonight. Close your programs, save your open files, leave the computer running. Your computer will restart in the middle of the night. (If it doesn’t seem to have restarted, look for the update icon by the clock and see if it’s waiting for permission to install the updates or to restart.) […] continued

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Annoying Checkboxes, HP Style


Annoying Checkboxes (Microsoft Office)
Ban The Check (Java, iTunes)

This week’s installment of Annoying Checkboxes comes to us courtesy of HP, always a reliable source of installation routines that take too long and bloat your system with too much crud. Now they’ve added a non-standard installation routine that seems designed to conceal the sneaky advertising and crapware that will be loaded onto your computer if you’re not careful. […] continued

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Acrobat 10 Arriving Soon, With Possible Fix For Office 2010 Failure


Adobe will release Acrobat 10 within the next few weeks. There are some good reasons to wait for it if you need Acrobat for a new computer. With luck it will cure a longstanding problem with Acrobat 9 and Microsoft Office 2010 – one of those weird things that make it so easy to be furious with Adobe. […] continued

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Install Acrobat and Adobe Reader Updates


Adobe had to release major updates for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader last night, to fix vulnerabilities that are being exploited out in the wild. The new updated versions are 9.4 and 8.2.5.

The last month has not been good for Adobe. Some major Acrobat/Reader problems turned up a month ago, Flash problems in the last couple of weeks. […] continued

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Free Security For Android Phones With Verizon Mobile Recovery


Verizon has introduced a new service that anyone with an Android phone should set up right away. It significantly enhances the security of the phone and adds some important features to make the phone easier to use. Oh, and it’s likely to be free for most of you.

Doesn’t sound like the Verizon that we know and tolerate, does it? […] continued

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