Where Are The Solid State Drives?


Almost a year ago I predicted that solid state hard drives would be mainstream devices once manufacturers finished ironing out some technical kinks and the price started to come down. What happened?

Solid state drives (SSDs) are the devices that work like hard drives but don’t have any moving parts. Intel has fixed the technical issues and the results are dazzling, especially with Windows 7, which is optimized for SSDs. […] continued

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LogMeIn File Manager And Mapped Network Drives


LogMeIn Pro: Remote Access
LogMeIn Pro: Sending Large Files
LogMeIn Pro: Desktop Shortcut

Here’s a tip for LogMeIn users to fix a glitch that turns up in the File Manager used to transfer files between two computers.

LogMeIn is best known for its products aimed at consumers that provide remote access to computers over the Internet. […] continued

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Taking Control Of Email And Tasks In Outlook


You’re busy, you have trouble remembering everything on your to-do list, and you’re overwhelmed with email. Of course you are! It’s like writing a horoscope or a fortune cookie – the same things are true for everyone.

If Microsoft Outlook is one of the main tools you use to do your job, you should consider spending a few hours with Michael Linenberger’s book Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook. […] continued

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Find Mail Faster With Search Folders


Both Outlook 2003 and 2007 have an often overlooked feature named Search Folders. Look under the list of mail folders (Inbox / Outbox / Sent Items) and you’ll see a handful of default Search Folders, gathering together all the items that meet some criteria. “Unread mail,” for example, displays all the messages that are unread regardless of what folder contains them. […] continued

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The Evolution Of Email

emailiconIt’s rare now to find traditional POP3 email accounts, where messages are downloaded to a single computer and are only accessible at that computer. We move between different computers freely (home/work/laptop/netbook) and want our mail to be available on all of them. We are buying smartphones in staggering numbers and getting our email on the phone is a big part of the reason. […] continued

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Getting Started With Windows 7

A lot of people are buying Windows 7 computers! Here’s a roundup of articles about new features to discover and some of the ways that Windows 7 is different than Windows XP. Click on the pictures or the titles for the original articles with all the details to help you get started! […] continued

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androidyelpWhile we’re talking about smartphones, I should mention another way that your phone can use its knowledge of your location to do something interesting.

Google added an unassuming link named “Near Me Now” on the Google search page on iPhones and Android phones. Click it and you’ll get a short list of categories – Restaurants, ATMS and banks, Shopping, Lodging, and more. […] continued

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Visual Search With Google Goggles


As I said last month, each of you might find one or two apps for a smartphone that get you all excited – the apps that you show people to demonstrate how cool your new phone is.

I found mine. Google Goggles amazes me. If you’ve got an Android phone, you’ve got to check this out. […] continued

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Google has officially rolled out an update to its search result pages, a three column design that provides search options on the left to help refine and redirect your searches. Spend a few minutes learning about the new features – this is the basic tool that shapes much of your online experience, every day. […] continued

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As if we don’t have enough potential security risks to worry about! Recently a number of people have pointed out that photocopy machines can have internal hard drives designed to store documents that been copied or scanned. If the machine is replaced, those scans leave the office, usually not encrypted and potentially filled with confidential information. […] continued

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Windows 7 Printer Setup


Here are a few anecdotes about setting up printers and scanners on new Windows 7 computers.

When Windows 7 connects to a new device, it attempts to install drivers automatically, and goes online to Microsoft if it can’t find drivers locally. It is successful so often that I’ve changed my procedure – I connect USB devices to a new computer without putting a CD in the drive or running a setup program. […] continued

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms! I have had the wonderful good luck to have been raised by the best mother in the world, and to be married to the love of my life who is – by an extraordinary coincidence – the best mother in the world. My love to both! […] continued

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Dropbox For iPad, Android


Dropbox has become an indispensable part of my toolbox. It’s the free service that syncs files between different computers, so that files in the “My Dropbox” folder appear on all the computers running the software linked to your account. Edit a file on your home computer, save it in My Dropbox, and the edited version will be on your office computer in the morning. […] continued

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Facebook And Privacy


In the golden glow of hindsight, there was a wonderful time when big companies would do things that were good for their customers because that was likely to be the most profitable choice, and because it was the right thing to do.

Big companies still consider doing good things for their customers – but it’s only one element in their thoughts and can easily be jettisoned if there’s more money to be made from treating customers badly and profiting from the ones who feel locked in or don’t have any reasonable options. […] continued

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Ah, Avatar. Extraordinary movie-making, one of the prettiest movies ever to hit the screen. The perfect movie for your new Blu-Ray player and HD TV – it will look splendid.

Well, that’s if it will play. And if the disc in the stores now is the one you want to buy. […] continued

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